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CRUTCHES — the special devices facilitating movement of patients after amputation of one leg at injuries and diseases of the lower extremities, a basin, and also at injuries of a backbone and spinal cord. To. it is necessary to recommend to patients only as temporary means for movement. In the subsequent they shall be replaced according to indications with prostheses or orthoses. During the use To. the main loading at transfer of a body of the patient shall fall on brushes and to a lesser extent — on axillary areas. An excessive and long prelum of fabrics of an axillary hollow at the wrong use To. can promote traumatizing humeral neuroplex and development of so-called kostylny paralysis.

Diagrammatic representation of crutches: 1 — sliding with a support for a brush and an armpit; 2 — with a support for a brush and an armrest for a forearm.

To. produce from a tree, fiber glass fabric or metal. To. with a support on axillary area and a brush do integral or sliding (fig., 1). They consist of two racks, between to-rymi the support bar fastening to them by means of two bolts and nuts is below inserted. The rubber tip increasing the basic area and K. V stability of upper part K is put on the end of a support bar. there are two crossbeams: podmyshechnik and handle. For reduction of rigidity a podmyshechnik sheathe felt and cover with dense material, suede or skin.

At selection of the correct size K. it is necessary that a palmar part of a brush densely and freely captured the handle, and an upper part corresponded to the level of an axillary hollow.

Happen To. with the armrests (fig., 2) intended for an emphasis of a forearm at the level of its upper (proximal) third.

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N. I. Kondrashin.