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HLORATsIZYN (Chloracyzinum; synonym of Chloracyzine; GFH, joint venture. B) — anti-quinsy lny means. 2-X лор-10-(3-ди-этиламинопропионил) - a fenotiazina a hydrochloride; C19H2jC1N2OS*HC1:

Fine-crystalline powder, white or white with a yellowish shade. Let's easily dissolve in water, we will dissolve in 95% alcohol,

it is practically not ether-soluble also benzene; £ °pl 171 — 175 °; pier. weight (weight) 397,37. Drug and its water solutions decay on light and get red coloring. Solutions of Chloracizinum are incompatible with solutions of barbiturates and alkalis.

Has spasmolytic, coronarodilator, holinob the varnishing properties. It is effective as the means improving blood supply of heart. Action of Chloracizinum is caused by hl. obr. increase in a total coronary blood-groove. Chloracizinum does not change cordial emission and does not reduce the ABP level. Under the influence of Chloracizinum the oxygen reserve increases, blood supply of an ischemic myocardium improves. Besides, drug promotes improvement of collateral circulation due to expansion of already existing anastomosis between arteries or by stimulation of development of new collaterals.

It is well soaked up from went. - kish. path. Action of Chloracizinum begins in 10 — 15 min. after intake and continues 1kh/2 — 2 hours.

Chloracizinum is applied to prevention of attacks of stenocardia (see), especially against the background of the expressed atherosclerosis of coronary arteries of heart. It is effective at treatment of stenocardia at patients with depressions (see. Depressive syndromes), especially in a depressive phase of maniac-depressive psychosis and at depressions of vascular genesis.

Appoint inside 0,015 — 0,03 g 3 — 4 times a day. Treatment is carried out by courses on 10 — 20 days. Purpose of drug to more long term is in case of need possible.

The highest doses for adults inside: one-time — 0,05 g, daily 0,15 g.

Side effect is shown by dryness in a mouth, dizzinesses, paresthesias, weakness, sometimes pains in heart.

A contraindication to use of Chloracizinum are diseases of a liver and kidneys.

Form of release: tablets on

0,015 g. Storage: in the place protected from light.

See also Antianginaljny means.

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