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Chizhevsky, 1897 — 1964, Soviet biophysicist; Greek phainomenon something being, the phenomenon) — property of erythrocytes to create certain textural features in the form of systems as the monetary columns moving on arterial vessels with a certain speed under the influence of hydrodynamic and other forces. At the same time erythrocytes in monetary columns are distributed depending on their size.

Considered earlier that erythrocytes, equal in size, form monetary columns, being only out of blood vessels (e.g., on glass, in a drop of blood, in solution) under the influence of stirring, changes of temperature, terms and storage conditions, etc. By means of pilot studies and mathematical calculations of A. J1. Chizhevsky in 1951 proved that monetary columns of erythrocytes represent natural space and dynamic structure of the blood moving on vessels at healthy people and animals. At the same time orientation and speed of the movement of erythrocytes depend on a structure and properties of vessels, and also on a condition of an organism. Monetary columns from erythrocytes of small diameter move in a bystry axial flow of blood on a vessel, and from erythrocytes of large diameter adjoin a slow pristenochny layer of blood.

In formation of structure of moving blood selection of erythrocytes of one diameter, existence of forces which are pulling together erythrocytes with each other the concave parties and their fixing for a uniform geometrical axis throughout a monetary column are of great importance. Formation of monetary columns is promoted by also negative charge on a surface of erythrocytes, to-ry creates between them uniform electrostatic pushing away. Erythrocytes, except progress, make rotation around own axis that supports the convection currents arising at the expense of electric charges in a moving body and leads to emergence of magnetic fields. In large vessels of A. JI. Chizhevsky allowed a variety of space provision of monetary columns. Upon transition from large vessels to less large the movement of monetary columns is arranged, systematized and gains strictly natural character. A. L. Chizhevsky offered three schemes of the movement of erythrocytes on a blood vessel (fig). According to the first scheme each erythrocyte in a flow of plasma moves the flat party perpendicularly to naprav

laziness of the movement. According to the second scheme the erythrocyte is located concerning to the plasma layers moving with different speeds along a circulatory bed. According to the third scheme the erythrocyte is located the face party perpendicularly to plasma layers, forming radial and ring system.

A. L. Chizhevsky believed that at diseases there are disturbances in spatial structure of moving blood since change

of Fig. The scheme of the movement of erythrocytes (monetary columns) in an arterial vessel:

and — erythrocytes are located the flat party perpendicular to the direction of the movement of a flow of plasma; — erythrocytes are located concerning to the plasma layers moving with different speeds along a circulatory bed; in — erythrocytes are located the face party perpendicularly to plasma layers.

a charge and number of erythrocytes immediately is reflected in their arrangement in a blood-groove, on function of each erythrocyte and their set.

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M. S. Machabeli.