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The CENTRAL RESEARCH LABORATORY (CRL) — the independent structural division of the highest medical (pharmaceutical) educational institutions, and also institutes of improvement of doctors intended for carrying out the researches by departments of institute on urgent medicobiological problems demanding use of the unique and expensive equipment. For the most rational use of such equipment it concentrates in TsNIL; research associates and technicians — specialists in operation of the equipment are taken on staff of this division.

The country's first TsNIL was organized in 1933 at the initiative of

S. I. Chechulin in the 1st MMI. On its base the staff of institute executed considerable number of case pilot studies. It also gave help to scientists from various cities of the USSR and the countries of national democracy. Experience of TsNIL of the 1st MMI formed the basis for the TsNIL organization and in others honey, in-ta.

Activity of TsNIL is regulated by the special Situation approved by M3 of the USSR, in Krom tasks of this division, its organizational structure, functional duties of employees are defined. The main objectives of TsNIL are: creation of necessary conditions for conducting experimental work as the faculty, graduate students and students on the basis of TsNIL (the organization of a workplace, training in experimental techniques, consultations and technical assistance in process of carrying out researches). To permanent members of staff carrying out independent developments is allowed but to urgent clinical and theoretical problems.

The main base unit of TsNIL is the group on

this or that industry of medicine equipped

with Tura corresponding an appara, the cut directs work the senior research associate. In scientific divisions works on experimental modeling and experimental treatment of diseases, morphological, biochemical, electrophysiologic, immunological and other researches are performed. As a part of

large TsNIL eksper

the mental and biological animals clinic is created. As advisory body at TsNIL Council of TsNIL which considers the main questions of activity of this laboratory can function. Bibliography: Andreyev. Century and Kosarev I. I. Central research laboratories of medical schools of the USSR, M., 1971; H e h at l and A. S's N. TsNIL as a new form of the organization of research in medical school and its role in training, in book: Materials of works it is integrated, nauch. - the method, conferences, is devoted, memories of the prof. S. I. Chechulin, page 15, M., 1963; H and to and S. Ya. N, And with and to about in Yu. F. and Cheknevb. M. Zdravookhraneniye and preparation of medical shots in the USSR, page 184, M., 1980.