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CARMINE (Carmin) — the red dye for coloring of tissue specimens received from an adipose body and egg yolk of insects of Coccus cacti (cochineal insect); one of the first dyes applied in gistol, the equipment. Usually To. use when red coloring of kernels of cells, napr, after reaction to an oxidase or to iron is necessary. The best results turn out after sublimate fixing of objects. Are most widespread aluminous To. in various copy-books and a lithium carmine Horta applied also to vital staining. Suspension K, use for studying of phagocytosis. To. also apply to production of the injection masses used for anatomic researches, etc. For coloring of kernels of cells in black-blue and blue-violet tone it is recommended To. with chromic alum or with aluminum sulfate, for coloring of slime — mucicarmine according to Maier.

See also Histologic methods of a research .

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