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CANCEROPHOBIA (Latin cancer cancer + grech, phobos fear) — the persuasive fear of a disease of a malignant new growth which is one of displays of neurosis of persuasive states.

An origin To. psychogenic. Its emergence is preceded by the injuring experiences, most often in connection with the valid disease any of the family or acquaintances. Patients begin to watch an own state and find in themselves symptoms of the developing disease. Addressing medical literature and noncritically acquiring its contents, they find in it confirmation to the fears. The fear of a disease is supported by the unpleasant somatic feelings depending on the accompanying vegetative disturbances. In the conditions of policlinic existence of a frivolous somatopathy in some cases is established. Sometimes the moment of a yatrogeniya takes place (see. Iatrogenic diseases ). In cases steady To. observation at the psychiatrist is necessary.

Especially big stability To. gets from subjects with the expressed alarming and hypochondriac character. Such patients, having believed for a short time a razubezhdeniye of the doctor, again and again are returned to a thought of a malignant tumor, insist on additional researches, try to obtain consultations from large specialists.

Similar with To. neurosis-like frustration with the same contents within the senestopathetic hypochiondrial syndrome which is found at inertly current are schizophrenia (see) and characterized, unlike To., plentiful and diverse senesthopathias (see).

Treatment of a basic disease is necessary.

See also Persuasive states .

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D. S. Ozeretskovsky.