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BIENIECHE Lucian (Benech Lucien, 1847 — 1912) — the French medical officer. Ended medical f-t Parisian un-that in 1872 Was the chief physician of the Higher military school, the chief physician of military hospital in Nancy, since 1902 headed medical service of the army case, in the last years of life was a medical inspector of the French army.

Popularity to Benesh was brought by his book about the organization of medical service and medical providing the French army. In it he emphasized influence of a fighting situation on forms of activity of medical service and stated the major requirements to training of its staff.

Up to World War II during the calculations of losses and requirements of medical service for forces and means the so-called formula of Benesh was widely applied (actually is a series of formulas). On experience of big battles (in particular, during Fanko-prussky war of 1870 — 1871) it gave the following figures of losses for day of fight (from numerical structure of troops): in army — 10 — 15%, in the case — 20 — 25%, in a division — 25 — 30%, to a regiment — 40 — 60%; a daily decrease sick — 2%. Proceeding from the nature of wounds, he believed that 15% of wounded are nontransportable, 30% — evacuations are subject lying, 30% — sitting and 25% — can follow on foot. L. Benesh tried to establish also mathematical dependence of need for forces and means of medical service on quantity a dignity. losses.

Works: Le service de sante en Campagne, t. 1—2, P., 1900 — 1902.

Bibliography: Revue medicale, t. 44, 1912.

L. H. Zimont.