BEKARYUKOV Dmitry Dmitriyevich

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BEKARYUKOV Dmitry Dmitriyevich (1861 — 1934) — the Soviet hygienist, the figure in the field of school hygiene.

BEKARYUKOV Dmitry Dmitriyevich

In 1880 arrived on medical f-t Kharkiv un-that. For participation in the student's movement it was excluded from un-that. Completed medical education in 1886 in Kazan un-those, then would work as the intern in the Kharkiv provincial, continuing also revolutionary activity. In 1889 it was arrested and sent to Akmolinsk. In 1898 moved to Moscow where cooperated in the Bulletin of Education magazine. In 1901 it was elected the secretary of the Moscow commission of school doctors, and since 1907 its chairman. After Great October socialist revolution till 1931 managed the Moscow school and sanitary bureau, then worked in Ying-those hygiene of F. F. Erisman.

D. D. Bekaryukov published St. 60 scientific works, including one of the first guides to school hygiene (1906 and 1914). It was an editor Rukovodstva on health protection of school students (1926). D. D. Bekaryukov upheld the preventive direction in work of school doctors, constantly involving teachers to the solution of school and hygienic questions. In the 20th he took part in development a gigabyte. norms of an academic load of school students, wrote the first instruction about health protection of pioneers.

D. D. Bekaryukov consisted the member of the Main school and sanitary council and the academic council on physical culture Narkomzdrava of RSFSR (1919 — 1921). In 1926 it was awarded ranks of the Hero Trud.

Works: Main beginnings of school hygiene, M., 1906, 1914; Highly infectious Diseases at schools, M., 1920; Health protection of children at schools, M. — L., 1926 (edition).

Bibliography: Ananyev N. I. is revolutionary doctor D. D. Bekaryukov, Owls. zdravookhr., No. 2, page 72, 1969; Granovsky L. B. D. D. Beck-ryukova memories, Doctor, business, No. 1, page 93, 1935; Troitsk A.C., D. D. Bekaryukov 1861 — 1934, M., 1956, bibliogr.

V. A. Bazanov.