BASSES Vasily Aleksandrovich

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BASSES Vasily Aleksandrovich

BASSES Vasily Aleksandrovich (1812 — 1879) — the Russian surgeon, the Dr. of medicine and surgery (1841). In 1833 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that. In 1843 — 1846 was in a foreign business trip; upon return was the graduated in a military academy of surgical clinic and the teacher of theoretical surgery, since 1848 — extraordinary, and since 1852 — ordinary professor Moscow un-that.

Worked as the intern of the Moscow military hospital and from 1850 to 1859 the senior doctor of the Moscow municipal hospital. After F. I. Inozemtsev's leaving in resignation V.A.Basov was elected (1859) the director of faculty surgical clinic Moscow un-that and headed it until the end of life.

V. A. Basov for the first time in the world (1842) made operation of imposing of a fistula on a stomach of a dog (it is known under the name «basovsky fistula») and laid it the foundation of an operational surgical method in studying of secretory and motor function of a stomach. This method gained brilliant development in classical researches of I. P. Pavlov. Perfectly knowing technology of surgery, V. A. Basov with success made plastic surgeries; the first in Moscow performed operation on tracheotomy. Accompanied classes in surgery with display of operations on animal, anatomic drugs, tables.

Works: About a stone disease of a bladder in general and in particular about a removing calculus through a section of a crotch, a yew., M., 1841; Notes on an artificial way to a stomach of animals, SPb., 1843; About value of surgery in a circle of medical sciences, SPb., 1848; Ileal fatty hernia, Mosk. doctor, zhurn., t. 5, No. 3-4, page 5, 1851.

Bibliography: Vasily Aleksandrovich of Basses (1812 — 1879), Vestn, hir., t. 110, No. 2, page 2, 1973; Kiprensky Yu. V., V. A. Basov and his contribution to development of domestic surgery, Owls. medical, No. 4, page 146, 1963; Koshtoyants X. C. Sketches on stories of physiology in Russia, page 122, M. — L., 1946; Zakharov V. I., V. A. Basov, 1812 — 1879, M., 1953.

G. N. Zilov.