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BARSUK-MOISEEV Foma Ivanovich (1768 — 1811) — the first Russian physiologist, the doctor of medicine. Studied in the Kiev spiritual academy, and then since 1788 as medical f-those Moscow un-that. Being a student, wrote work about povivalny art, for to-ruyu it was awarded by a gold medal. In 1794 defended the first in Moscow un-those the doctoral dissertation on physiology «About breath» («Dissertatio medicopractica de respiratione»). From 1795 to 1811 — extraordinary professor Moscow un-that; taught physiology, pathology, therapy, semiotics and a dietetics. Translated into Russian and printed with own notes a number of medical compositions on treatment of diseases, on physiology and questions of health protection.

Works: Dissertatio medico-practica de respiratione, M., 1794; Physiology or science about a nature human, M., 1796; About influence of air, seasons and meteors on health human, M., 1801.

Bibliography: Askochensky V. Kiev with its most ancient school to Akademiyey, t. 2, page 319, Kiev, 1856; To about sh t about - I am N of c of X. C. Sketches on stories of physiology in Russia, page 97, M. — L., 1946; The Russian D. M. is 200 years of medical faculty Moscow State. university, page 38, M., 1955. A. K. Patrina.