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BARKROFT Joseph (Barcroft Joseph, 1872 — 1947) — the English physiologist, professor Cambridge un-that, the member and the winner of the Royal island.

D. Barkroft possesses a merit of development of bases of the doctrine about respiratory function of blood; the technique of definition of blood gases is offered them and the problem of transfer of oxygen is developed by blood. It is a participant of several mountain expeditions, in particular to the Peruvian Andes (1921 — 1922), results a cut were of great importance for development of high-rise physiology. Are criticized by it the theory of secretion of oxygen in lungs developed by Bohr (Ch. Century of Bohr) and J. S. Haldane, and gipokapnichesky theory of an origin of a mountain disease of Mosso. In conditions hron, an experiment he showed a role of a spleen as blood depot, developed questions of mechanisms of regulation and value of depot of blood it is normal also of pathology. The last years of life of D. Barkroft devoted embriofiziologiya. The combination of methodical skill and ingenuity to the deep analysis of the actual material and sweeping theoretical generalization is characteristic of its researches. D. Barkroft's monographs devoted to private and common problems of physiology are translated into many languages, including into Russian. It is a participant of the international congresses of physiologists (in particular, the program speaker on the 15th congress which took place in the USSR in 1935).

Works: The respiratory function of the blood, v. 1 — 2, Cambridge, 1925 — 1928; The Main lines of architecture of physiological functions, the lane with English, M. — L., 1937; The brain and its environment, L., 1938; Researches on prenatal life, Oxford, 1946.

Bibliography: Irzhak L. I. Joseph Barkroft (to the 100 anniversary since birth), in book: From history of biology, under the editorship of

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L. L. Shik.