BANTING Frederik Grant

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BANTING Frederik Grant

BANTING Frederik Grant (Banting Frederick Grant, 1891 — 1941) — the Canadian physiologist, the member of many academies and science foundations of the world, the honourable doctor of a number of universities of America.

In 1916 ended medical f-t of university in Toronto. In 1916 — 1919 did military service, Zap was the assistant to department of anatomy and physiology of university. Ontario. Since 1921 together with Best (S. N. of Best), J.B.Collip, etc. studied in fiziol, J. R. Macleod's laboratories incretion of a pancreas. In 1922 received degree of the doctor of medicine. In 1930 in Toronto it was open for in-t, the name F is appropriated to Krom. Banting.

F. Bantiig in 1921 received in pure form hormone of langergansovy islands — insulin (see) for what in 1923 to it and professor Maklaud the Nobel Prize was awarded. The theoretical and experimental conclusions drawn in 1900 — 1901 by the Russian scientist L. V. Sobolev were the cornerstone of a method of receiving this hormone. The main scientific works of the scientist (they are more than 60) are devoted to the problems connected with insulin, sarcoma, a silicosis.

In 1935 F. Banting visited the Soviet Union, took part in the International congress of physiologists. In the years of World War II researched military value. Died at plane crash in Newfoundland.

Works: The internal secretion of the pancreas, J. Lab. clin. Med., v. 7, p. 251, 1922 (sovm, with Best G. H.); Insulin, Int. Clin., ser. 34, v. 4, p. 109, 1924.

Bibliography: Geness.G. 25 years from the date of F. Bantinga's death, the Stalemate. fiziol, and Eksperim, rubbed., t. 10, No. 4, page 89, 1966; Harris S. Banting’s miracle, the story of the discoverer of insulin, Philadelphia — L., 1946; Stevenson L. Sir Frederick Banting, L., 1947, bibliogr.

X. I. Idelchik.