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BALINSKY Ivan Mikhaylovich

BALINSKY Ivan Mikhaylovich (1827 — 1902) — the Russian psychiatrist, the founder of the St. Petersburg psychiatric school. Graduated from Medicochirurgical academy in 1846. Served in the Oranienbaum military hospital. In 1855 defended the doctoral dissertation and in 1856 it is approved as the associate professor of hospital therapeutic clinic. Since 1857 in Medikokhirurgichesky academy began to read to students of the 3rd course an obligatory course of lectures on psychiatry «Something new not only at us in Russia, but also in general at the European and American universities»; in 1859 published them (82 copies, on number of listeners). From 1860 to 1884 — ordinary professor of department of nervous and sincere diseases of the same academy.

I. M. Balinsky entered psychopathological concepts of «the acquired arrangement», «persuasive states», «crystallization of nonsense». Development of the doctrine about psychopathies, by it an indicated value of a hyperthermia in therapies of psychoses and importance of relationship the doctor — the patient is connected with his name; uneven expansion of pupils «with very slow movements of an iris of the eye» in an initial stage of a general paralysis is described.

I. M. Balinsky was a member of Military-medical scientific committee, the obligatory consultant at construction of mental health facilities, the chairman of «Society of the St. Petersburg doctors for mads».

Works: Lectures on psychiatry, SPb., 1859 and L., 1958; Examination in the matter of Mironovich, Bezak and Semenova, Vestn, a wedge, and court. psikhiat. and neuropath., century 1, page 368, 1885.

Bibliography: Tekutyev F. S. A historical sketch of department and clinic of sincere and nervous diseases at Military-medical (former medicochirurgical) academies, page 46, SPb., 1897.

H. N. Timofeev.