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BABINSQUI Joseph (Babinski Joseph, 1857 — 1932) is the neuropathologist, the member of the Parisian academy of Sciences (1914); the son of the Polish engineer who emigrated to France. Ended medical f-t in Paris. Since 1886 after protection dokt. theses managed clinic in Salpetriyere. Since 1890 worked as the doctor in the Parisian hospitals.

Zh. Babinsky possesses about 300 works. It described (1896) pathological reflex (see. Babinsky reflex ), the symptom complex characteristic of diseases of a cerebellum is allocated: adiadokhokinez, asynergia, gipermetriya, etc. In France Zh. Babinsky one of the first (1911) applied an operative measure at tumors of c. N of page Zh. Babinsky described also a number of the symptoms allowing to differentiate an organic hemiplegia from functional. He pointed to an important role in development of hysteria of auto-suggestion (autosuggestiya) or suggestions from outside (heterosuggestion). According to it suggested the word «hysteria» to replace with the word «pithiatism» (the Crimea is designated the state which is arising and passing in result of suggestion).

Zh. Babinsky's lectures enjoyed wide popularity and involved a great number of the French and foreign doctors. Zh. Babinsky — one of creators of the Island of neuropathologists and psychiatrists in Paris (1899), its honorary member, and since 1907 — the president. Together with other scientists founded the Revue neurologique magazine and was his editor.

Compositions: Etude anatomique et clinique sur la scl6rose en plaques, P., 1885; Tumeur of m6ning£e, parapl6gie crurale par compression de la moelle, extraction de la tumeur, Rev. neurol., t. 23, p. 1, 640, 1912 (sovm. with other); Parapl6gie crurale par nSoplasme extra-dure-m6rien, opgration, gu6rison, ibid., t. 27, p. 801, 1914 (sovm, with other); Hyst6rie-pithiatisme et troubles nerveux d’ordre rgflexe en neurologie de guerre, P., 1917 (sovm, with Froment J.); Sur le trai-tement des tumeurs Juxtam6dullaires, Rev. neurol., t. 39, p. 695, 1923.

Bibliography: Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Ärzte, hrsg. v. I. Fischer, Bd 1, S. 54, B. — Wien, 1932; Major R. H. History of medicine, v. 2, p. 965, Springfield, 1954.