BABAK Edward

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BABAK Edward

BABAK Edward (Babak Edward, 1873 — 1926) is the Czech physiologist, one of founders of physiology of ontogenesis. Its works are devoted to studying of features of thermal control, breath, cardiovascular system, went. - kish. a path, a nervous system and locomotory coordination of an organism during various age periods. In 1910 it generalized the researches in work about ontogenetic representation in physiology. Having come under influence of idealism and mysticism, extended in Western Europe after World War I, E. Babak was fond of spiritism. It served as a brake for consecutive materialistic generalization of the huge actual material received by it and his pupils.

Works: über die Wärmeregulation bei Neugeborenen, Pflügers Arch. ges. Physiol., Bd 89, S. 154, 1902; About theorii vyvoje, Praha, 1904; Zur ontogenetischen und phylogenetischen Betrachtung der Funktionen'des Zentralnervensystems, insbesondere des Rückenmarksschocks, Zbl. Physiol., Bd 23, S. 151, 1910; Die Mechanik und Innervation der Atmung, Handb. vergl. Physiol., Bd 1, Hlft 2, S.265, Jena, 1921; About vyzivS, Praha, 1922.

Bibliography: Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Ärzte, hrsg. v. I. Fischer, Bd 1, S. 53, B. — Wien, 1932; Holub A. Babäkovo dilo a souöasnä fysiologie, Cs. Fysiol., sv. 22, s. 501, 1973; To r u-t and V. Edward Babäk, Ser. med. Fac. Med. Brun., sv. 39, s. 285, 1966.

And. A. Arshavsky.