AVERBAKH Mikhail Iosifovich

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AVERBAKH Mikhail Iosifovich

AVERBAKH Mikhail Iosifovich (1872 — 1944) is the Soviet ophthalmologist, the academician of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1939), the honored worker of science of RSFSR (1933).

In 1895 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that and it was left at clinic of eye diseases where worked under the leadership of the prof. A. A. Kryukov.

M. I. Averbakh is the founder (1910) of department of eye diseases medical f-that the Moscow high female courses, the II MSU reorganized into medical f-t (afterwards the 2nd MMI of N. I. Pirogov). In 1931 he founded department of eye diseases at TsIU of doctors, to-ruyu headed till 1944. In 1935 he took active part in the organization Central state ophthalmologic in-that of Gelmgol tsa (nowadays Moscow scientific research institute of eye diseases of Helmholtz), the director to-rogo was until the end of life.

M. I. Averbakh is an author over 100 scientific works devoted to various sections of ophthalmology. A basic research concerning ophthalmometry is it dokt. thesis (1900). Valuable actual material contains its work «Problems of an Origin of a Clinical Refraction of an Eye» (1925). In the book «Industrial Eye Damages and Bases of Fight against Them» (1928) on the basis of the analysis of the reasons of this traumatism it planned specific measures of its prevention; many provisions from this work were included into the Soviet legislation. In the monographic work «Ophthalmologic Sketches» (1940) the major clinical problems — a blindness, glaucoma, trachoma, traumatism of eyes, diseases of an optic nerve, etc. are covered. The large number of works of the scientist is devoted to questions of eye surgery.

M. I. Averbakh is the founder of school of sciences; among his pupils — M. M. Baltin, M. L. Krasnov, E. F. Levkoyeva, P.E. Tikhomirov, etc. He was chairman Vsesoyuznogo and Moscow science foundations of oculists, the editor-in-chief of the Bulletin of Ophthalmology magazine and the Questions of Physiological Optics magazine founded by it. He was elected the deputy of the Moscow city council of deputies of workers. In 1 prod. BME was the author and the editor of articles according to the section «Semiotics of Eye Diseases».

The USSR Academy of Medical Sciences is founded an award of nanometer. M. I. Averbakh, awarded for the best scientific work in the field of ophthalmology.

Compositions: To dioptrics of eyes of various refractions, a yew. M, 1900; The Main forms of changes of an optic nerve, M., 1944; Injuries of eyes and the parts surrounding them, M. — L., 1945; Ophthalmologic sketches. M, 1949.

Bibliography: Colin A. A. Mikhail Iosifovich Averbakh's memories, Vestn. oftalm. t. 24, No. 1-2, page 3, 1945; Talkovsky S. I., M. I. Averbakh, M.,

M. L. Krasnov.