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AUENBRUGGER Leopold (Auenbrugger Leopold, 1722 — 1809) — the Austrian doctor who for the first time offered percussion as one of methods of a medical research. Graduated from the university in Vienna, in the same place carried out all life. Received degree of the doctor in 1752. From 1751 to 1768 was a regular physician of the Spanish hospital. In 1761 published in Latin the book «Inventum novum ex percussione thoracis humani ut signo abstrusos interiii pectoris morbos detegendi» («A new way as by means of percussion of a thorax of the person to find the diseases hidden in a breast»). This work was result of seven years' careful observations and contained 95 pages. Auenbrugger's method was not recognized by his contemporaries.

In 1770 R. de la Chassagnac partially translated L. Auenbrugger's book into French and published in the form of the annex to the guide to pulmonary diseases. Zh. Korvizar is Napoléon I's physician-in-ordinary in 1808 translated L. Auenbrugger's work into French and published it with the comments. Only after it the method of percussion was generally recognized.

Works: Inventum novum ex percussione thoracis humani ut signo abstrusos interni pectoris morbos detegendi, Vindobonae, 1761 (Russian lane, M., 1961).

Bibliography: Martynov I. V. Leopold Auyenbrugger (To the 150 anniversary from the date of death), Klin, medical, t. 37, No. 12, page 132, 1959; Kukowka A. Leopold Auenbrug-ger, Z. allg. Med., S. 1500, 1972; Major R. M. Classic descriptions of disease, Oxford, 1955.

A. I. Kabakov.