ASRATYAN Ezras Asratovich

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ASRATYaN Ezras Asratovich

ASRATYAN Ezras Asratovich (sort. in 1903) — the Soviet physiologist, the pupil and I. P. Pavlov's follower; member correspondent of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1939), academician of AN of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic (1947). The member of the CPSU since 1929.

In 1926 ended agricultural, in 1930 — medical f-t State un-that Armenia. In 1930 — 1941 worked in Ying-that physiology of I. P. Pavlov. Since 1941 — professor of department of physiology Tashkent medical in-that, in 1943 — 1952 — professor of department of an air medicine of TsIU of doctors; at the same time — the head of a chair of physiology 2 MMI. In 1952 — 1960 — the manager. physiological laboratory Academy of Sciences of the USSR, since 1960 — the director Ying-that higher nervous activity and neurophysiology of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Scientific research of E. A. Asratyan is devoted to activity of bark of a great brain in compensation of the broken functions at the highest animals. It developed theory of evolution of plasticity of a nervous system (1938); offered the concept about general guarding and curative function of braking (1941 — 1951), about secondariness of emergence of coordination function of braking in phylogenesis; antishock liquid (1942) is offered them. It possesses justification of multi-storey morfo-functional architecture of instinctive reflexes. For many years E. A. Asratyan studies mechanisms of a dynamic stereotype and uslovnoreflektorny switching; problem of short circuit of conditioned connection; origins and localization of internal inhibition (1961), straight lines and return conditioned connections (1952), etc. He is the author of several works on philosophical problems of higher nervous activity.

E. A. Asratyan — since 1959 the vice chairman of the board of the All-Union island of physiologists, the board member of his Moscow department, since 1964 — the Editor-in-chief of the Magazine of higher nervous activity of I. P. Pavlov; author and coeditor of an edition of department «Physiology» of the 2nd prod. BME. Since 1972 — the chairman of the problem commission of scientific cooperation of academies of Sciences of the socialist countries «Neurophysiology and higher nervous activity» (Intermozg).

For scientific merits to E. A. Asratyan are awarded: the first award of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1939), an award of I. P. Pavlov (1951), the Gold medal of I. P. Pavlov (1961).

E. A. Asratyan is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the Red Star and the Labour Red Banner.

Works: I. P. Pavlov, life and scientific creativity, M. — L., 1949; Physiology of the central nervous system, M., 1953; Lectures on some questions of neurophysiology, M., 1959; Sketches on physiology of conditioned reflexes, M., 1970.

Bibliography: Karamyan A. I. Ezras Asratovich Asratyan, in book: Center, and peri-ferich. mechanisms nervn. deyateln., page 5, Yerevan, 1966; Kvass D. G. A. K Ifedo-rova-Grot. Physiological school of I. P. Pavlov, page 35, L., 1967, bibliogr.; Ezras Asratovich Asratyan, Biobibliografiya, sost. G. N. Finashina, M., 1967.

E. E. Dolbagyan.