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AShGEYM Zelmar

ASHGEYM Zelmar (Aschheim Selmar, 1878 — 1965) — the German scientist, the biologist-endocrinologist; honorary member of the London royal island and Edinburgh obstetric island. Till 1933 — professor Berlin un-that. After establishment in Germany of the fascist mode emigrated to France where became the head of laboratory in the Parisian hospital Lariboisiere.

The majority of original researches of the scientist is devoted to studying of interrelation of a hypophysis and ovaries. In 1927 3. Ashgeym together with Tsondek (V. of Zondek) for the first time found gonadotropic hormone in urine of pregnant women. The same year they offered a biological response for definition of early durations of gestation (see. Ashgeyma-Tsondeka reaction ). During all life 3. Ashgeym improved this test, studied its diagnostic efficiency and clinical use.

Number of works 3. Ashgeyma is devoted to studying of biological activity of gonadotropic hormones (influence of estrogen, androgens and gonadotropic hormones on function of ovaries and other effector bodies in an experiment and in clinic), changes of endocrine functions at women in the period of a menopause, the reasons of a giperandrogeniya in a female body, functional disturbances of a menstrual cycle and tumoral processes of the sexual sphere at women.

Works: Weitere Untersuchungen über Hormone und Schwangerschaft, Arch. Gynäk., Bd 132, S. 179, 1927; Die Schwangerschaftsdiagnose aus dem Harne, B., 1930; Dix ans de reaction hormonale de la grossesse, Paris m6d., t. 2, p. 377, 1937; Dif-ficultäs dans le diagnostic histologique des transformations benignes et malignes, de la muqueuse du corps de l’ut6rus, Rev. frang. Gyn6c., t. 33, p. 471, 1938; Endocrinology of menopause, Geneesk.Gids, p. 1258 and. lake, 1938; L’hormonothSrapie hy-pophysaire gonadotrope, Ann. Endocr., t. 1, p. 164, 1939; Verkannte Schwangerschaft, Arch. Gynäk., Bd 183, S. 275, 1953 (sovm, with Varangot J.).

Bibliography: Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Ärzte, hrsg. v. I. Fischer, Bd 1, S. 43, B. — Wien, 1932; Η o h w e g W. Professor Dr. med. Selmar Aschheim, Zbl. Gynäk., S. 1025, 1965; Ravina A. Selmar Aschheim (1878 — 1965), Presse m6d., t. 73, p. 1375, 1965.

H. A. Mark.