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ANDREWS Christopher (Andrewes Christopher Howard, sort. in 1896) — the English virologist, the member London royal about-va (1939), the honorary member Vsesoyuznogo scientific about-va microbiologists, epidemiologists and infectiologists (1956), the foreign member of National academy of Sciences of the USA.

Graduated from medical school in London, and then in 1921. London un-t. In 1921 — 1923 and 1925 — 1926 worked as the assistant in Saint Varfolomey's hospital. From 1923 to 1925 specialized in Rock Feller in-those (New York). In 1927 — 1961 the employee,

the deputy director (1952 — 1961) National in-that medical researches in London.

K. Andrews is the author of considerable number of the scientific works devoted to various problems of virology. In 1933 K. Andrews jointly with W. Smith and P. Laidlaw allocated and described the influenza virus afterwards called an influenza virus of type of A. S of this time questions of studying of flu and fight against it were the focus of attention of K. Andrews. It for the first time managed to infect a lab. animals the material received from patients with flu. K. Andrews gave great attention to viral diseases of upper respiratory tracts. As model for studying of transfer of plague carnivorous white African polecats were offered them. K. Andrews with employees for the first time (1959) allocated and described a monkey virus of Yaba, published one of the first messages on an interference of viruses. Its works on a problem of a virus carcinogenesis are known. It made a big contribution to development of questions of evolution of viruses, it made a hypothesis that the viruses affecting the person and animals came from symbionts of insects. Classification of viruses is offered them.

K. Andrews was an initiator of the international cooperation in studying of flu, in 1948 — 1961 he directed the World center for flu created under the auspices of WHO. Works: A virus obtained from an influenza patients, Lancet, v. 2, p. 66, 1933 (sovm. with other); Nomenklatur der Viren, Zbl. Bakt.,

I. Abt. Orig., Bd 161, S. 354, 1954; Viruses of vertebrates, L., 1964, 1978 (sovm. with other, Russian lane, M., 1967); The common cold, L., 1965; The natural history of viruses, L., 1967 (Russian lane, M., 1969); The lives of wasps and bees, L., 1969; Viruses and cancer, L., 1970.

I. G. Balangding.