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ALOES OF THE ENVIRONMENT ( R. J. A. Sabouraud , the fr. dermatologist and the mycologist, 1864 — 1938) — elective growth mediums of pathogenic fungi. Are offered R. Saburo in 1892 Mr.

of Saburo of the environment apply to primary allocation from patol. material of dermatophytes, yeast-like fungi and pleseny. Distinguish dense and liquid S. of page. Dense S. of page consist of peptone (1%), glucose or maltoses (4%), an agar agar (1,8 — 2%) and a distilled water. Use also mains water since the microelements which are contained in it (Fe, Mg, Na, I, etc.) promote growth of fungi. For S.'s preparation by the village peptone and an agar in water heat to dissolution of an agar, filter hot through vatu and a gauze, add sugar, spill in test tubes, will sterilize 15 min. in the autoclave at f 110 °. Chemical constancy of ingredients defines S.'s commonality of page, in particular pH (6,7 — 6,8). The optimum proteinaceous and carbohydrate structure of S. of page provides development and identification of typical taxonomical signs of a fungus activator. Subacidic reaction considerably suppresses growth of foreign microbic flora. These qualities of S. of page allow to apply them not only to primary allocation of a fungus activator from a stalemate. material, but also for its identification. Availability of sugar in S. of page at long cultivation of fungi on it leads to development of degenerative changes in macro - both a microstructure of colonies of a fungus and loss of species characters by them (polymorphism). For preservation of museum strains of R. Saburo offered the so-called environment of preservation of the same structure, but without glucose.

When sow the material (blood) which strongly dried up or demanding big cultivation, it is convenient to use liquid S. of page, the same structure, but without agar. Suppression of growth of bacteria in strongly contaminated a stalemate. material carry out by introduction to S. of page of various antibiotics after its sterilization: mix of penicillin and streptomycin (on 50 — 100 PIECES/ml of everyone) or levomycetinum (0,05 mg/ml) or chlortetracyclin (100 PIECES/ml). For suppression of growth of pleseny enter aktidion (0,5 mg/ml) then Wednesday is spilled in sterile conditions. With the same purpose use chemical drugs: crystal violet (0,01%), Furacilin (1: 50 000), potassium tellurite or sodium (0,015%), etc.

See also Mediums .

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