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ALBARRAN Joachim [Zhoaken (Albarran Joaquin, 1860 — 1912)] is the fr. urologist; was born in Sagua-la-Grande on the lake of Cuba. Graduated in 1879 from the university in Madrid and, having received degree of the Dr. of medicine, moved to Paris where studied histology at L. Ranvier, then surgery. The pupil of the founder of fr. urology F. Giion (To Guyon) I. Albarran in 1906 is elected to its place professor of urology and the department chair of Nekkerovsky hospital (Hopital Necker) in Paris.

I. Albarran, studying colibacillus, pointed out by the first its value in pathology of uric ways.

In 1891 published work about tumors of a bladder, having created their new classification.

I. Albarran's monographs about the mechanism of an origin of a hydronephrosis, about tuberculosis of kidneys and about tumors of kidneys are known. It developed a technique of a research of functional activity of kidneys and the method of «an experimental polyuria» (1905) is offered. He invented the kateterizatsionny cystoscope (see Tsistoskopiya) that made catheterization of ureters the method available to any surgeon. Extensive operational experience of I. Albarran is stated in his guide to operational surgery of uric ways (1909). This work characterized by the German urologist L. Gasper as «the real treasure», still did not lose the value.

I. Albarran created school of urologists. One of his Russian pupils — the prof. G. I. Baradulin devoted to his memory the book «Practical Guidance on Urology» (1914).

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Bibliography: Pytel A. Ya. Joachim Albarran (1860 — 1912), Urology, No. 6, page 6, 1962; Lexikon der hervorragenden Arzte, hrsg. v. I. Fischer, Bd 1, S. 14, V. — Wien, 1932; Cincuentenario de la muerte del Dr. Joaquin Albarran, La Habana, 1962, bibliogr.

A. Ya. Pytel.