ALADASHVILI Alexander Stepanovich

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ALADASHVILI Alexander Stepanovich

ALADASHVILI Alexander Stepanovich (1876 — 1950) — the Soviet therapist, the academician of AN the Load. SSR (1946), honored worker of science (1941). Ended in 1904 med, Yuryevsky's f-t un-that (Tartu). In 1919 took part in the organization medical f-that Tbilisi un-that: founder and head of departments of diagnosis (1919 — 1921) and faculty therapy (1921 — 1950) of the same university. Chairman of the Academic council of MZ Load. SSR (1937 — 1950).

A.S. Aladashvili is the author of 30 scientific works, including the first Soviet textbooks on therapy in Georgian. The main directions of researches of the scientist — studying of medicinal and klimatobalneologichesky resources of the republic, regional pathology, etc. It for the first time implemented «the Pavlovsk small ventricle» in researches of physiological effect of mineral waters on an organism. In the clinic run by it for the first time in the USSR are revealed, studied and described the local centers of ankilostomidoz, a pellagra, a brucellosis, a spra which distribution was not known in Georgia earlier. Its work «Clinical Recipes» (on a load. language, 1925) sustained 9 editions.

A.S. Aladashvili is the founder of therapeutic school of Georgia. His pupils headed a number of departments and scientific research institute of a therapeutic profile; among them professor I. M. Abakeliya, V. A. Aladashvili, G. G. Bakhtadze, V. S. Gersamiya, D. V. Dzhavakhishvili, G. I. Didebulidze, And. D. Zhgenti, I. G. Koniashvili, N. I. Makhviladze, Sh. A. Mikeladze, G. A. Ushveridze, M. D. Tsinamdzgrishvili, I. N. Tsintsadze, etc.

A.S. Aladashvili since 1925 the chairman of Society of doctors, and since 1940 the permanent chairman of the Island of therapists of Georgia. It is awarded the order the Red Banner and medals.

Works: The chosen works, Tbilisi, 1967 (on a load. language).

Bibliography: Gersamiya V. S. Alexander Stepanovich Aladashvili, Klien. medical, t. 28, No. 12, page 86, 1950.

M. S. Shengelia.