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Method of calling of an akhillov of a reflex. The dotted line showed bottom bending of foot at a positive Achilles reflex.

AKHILLOV REFLEX — bottom bending of foot at percussion a hammer on a calcaneal (akhillova) sinew. Is among normal tendon jerks. The reflex arc passes through a sciatic nerve, becoming isolated at the level V of lumbar, I and II sacral spinal segments. Is caused And. river in a pose investigated on a lap with the overhanging stops (fig.) or in a dorsal decubitus, then it is necessary to bend a little a leg in coxofemoral and knee joints, to hold foot slightly bent in the back. And. the river goes down or disappears at various organic diseases breaking its arch (an injury, inflammatory, tumoral, dystrophic processes in caudal department of a spinal cord, in a horse tail, a sciatic nerve). At defeat of pyramidal system A. the river raises, the clonus of foot is quite often noted.

See also Reflex , Tendon jerks .

V. V. Mikheyev.