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HLORETYL (Aethylii chloric! um; synonym: ethyl chloride, ethyl chloride, Aether chloratus, Aethylis chlori-dum, Aethylium chloratum, Chlore-ne, Chloretan, Ethylis chloridum, etc.; GFH, joint venture. B) — means for an inhalation anesthesia; C2H5C1.

Transparent, colourless, easily volatile liquid with a peculiar smell. Mixes up in all ratios with alcohol and ether; £ °kip 12 — 13 °; pier. weight (weight) 64,52. In mix with air (4 — 14,8ob. %), oxygen (4 — 67 about. %) and nitrous oxide (2,1 — 32,8 about. the %) forms explosive mixes.

At inhalation causes an anesthesia (see), the surgical stage to-rogo is reached within 2 — 3 min. after the beginning of inhalation of vapors of Aether chloratus in concentration 3 — 4 about. %. Awakening comes in 2 — 4 min. after the termination of inhalation. Aether chloratus can be used for introduction and a raush narcosis. At the same time the stream of Aether chloratus is directed to the mask like Esmarkh located at distance of 20 — 30 cm on behalf of the patient. Gradually the mask is brought closer, closing a mouth and a nose, and continue to give Aether chloratus to those holes until the patient faints. For this purpose children and the weakened patients have enough apprx. 4 ml, to physically strong people — to 15 ml of drug. Under Rausch - drug zom usually make short-term (within 2 — 3 min.) operations on a body surface. In need of longer intervention it is necessary to pass to the main anesthesia with ether, Ftorotanum or constant boiling mixture of Ftorotanum with ether.

Aether chloratus has small therapeutic width (concentration it in blood during a surgical grade of anesthesia makes 0,3 g/.g, and in concentration of 0,4 g! the l Aether chloratus causes oppression of the centers of a myelencephalon). At an anesthesia Aether chloratus the laryngospasm, oppression and an apnoea are possible. In the ioslenarkozny period often there are nausea, vomiting, a headache.

In modern medical practice Aether chloratus is applied by hl. obr. for surface local anesthesia — hloretiloyey blockade (see). It develops because, getting on skin and mucous membranes, Aether chloratus quickly evaporates, leading thereby to decrease in their temperature, ischemia and oppression of sensitivity of surface fabrics.

Form of release: ampoules on 30 ml. Storage: in the cool, protected from light place.

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