ADO Andrey Dmitriyevich

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ADO Andrey Dmitriyevich

ADO Andrey Dmitriyevich (sort. in 1909) — Soviet allergist-pathophysiologist, academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1965), honored worker of science of RSFSR (1964) and Tatar ASSR (1945), professor. The member of the CPSU since 1943.

Ended in 1931. Kazan medical in-t. Worked since 1929 for N. N. Sirotinin. In 1938 protected dokt. thesis. From 1939 to 1952 the stalemate directed department. physiology Kazan medical in-that, since 1952 manages department a stalemate. physiology of the 2nd MMI of N. I. Pirogov.

The main direction of works of A. D. Ado — questions of a pathophysiology of an allergy, an inflammation and immunity. It studied participation of a nervous system in the mechanism of allergic reactions. A. D. Ado and his employees studied mechanisms of effect of microbic antigens, toxins and viruses on a nervous system, features of their action are established and it is shown that they are macromolecular irritants of nervous cells and fibers.

In A. D. Ado's laboratory for the first time in the USSR researches on an autoallergy were conducted (see). In 1944 it made a poliergichesky hypothesis of the mechanism of allergic reactions and is proved that system acetylcholine — cholinesterase represents an important link in development of allergic reactions of cholinergic structures.

Together with And. X. Kanchurin it described the new class of antigens called «intermediate» — virusindutsirovanny antigens.

A number of works of the scientist is devoted to studying of a metabolism and physical. - chemical properties of the englobing cells. Together with P. K. Bulatov kliniko-pathogenetic classification of forms of bronchial asthma is offered them (1968). A. D. Ado is the author of 5 monographs, the textbook on a pathophysiology, the guides to practical allergology and more than 200 scientific publications. The fundamental work «General Allergology» (1970) contains results of long-term researches of the scientist, his pupils and employees. A. D. Ado pays to questions of the general doctrine of a disease, an etiology and a pathogeny much attention.

Under its management it is executed more than 30 doctor's and 70th edging. theses.

At the initiative of A. D. Ado in the USSR the allergological service is created. He heads the Research allergological laboratory USSR Academy of Medical Sciences organized by it for the first time in the country since 1961. The laboratory implemented in practice of health care methods of specific diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases.

A. D. Ado was elected the deputy of the Supreme Council of RSFSR of two convocations (1947 — 1951 and 1951 — 1955). It is the honorary member of many foreign science medical foundations; active participant of the 2nd prod. BME, Small and Short medical encyclopedias; in 3 prod. BME otv. editor of an edition of department «Allergology».

«the sign of Honour» and medals is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the Labour Red Banner.

Works: Materials to the doctrine about a giperergichesky inflammation of Arthus'a, a yew., Kazan, 1938; Antigens as extraordinary irritants of a nervous system, M., 1952; Pathological physiology, M., 1957 (edition sovm. with I. R. Petrov); Pathophysiology of phagocytes. M, 1961; Philosophical questions of medicine, M. 1962 (author of chapter and edition sovm. with other); General allergology, M., 1970; Pathological physiology, M., 1973 (red, and author sovm. with other).

Bibliography: Andrey Dmitriyevich Ado, Zhurn. mikr., epid. iimmun., JVS 12, page 137, 1969; Malinin A. I. and At idrits M. I. Professor Andrey Dmitriyevich Ado, Arkh. patol., t. 18, JSfc 6, page 139, 1956; Problems of an immune responsiveness and allergy, Saturday. it is devoted to 60-le-tiyu of the academician, professor A. D. Ado, M., 1971, bibliogr.; R about 1 p e of A. A. Zum 60. Geburtstag von Professor Dr. med. Andrey D. Ado, Allergle u. Asthma, Bd 4, S. 272, 1971.

V. I. Pytsky.