ADAMYUK Emilian Valentinovich

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ADAMYuK Emilian Valentinovich

ADAMYUK Emilian Valentinovich (1839 — 1906) — the Russian ophthalmologist, the first professor of ophthalmology in Kazan un-those.

In 1863 ended medical f-t Kazan un-that. Since 1864 — the intern of hospital clinic at Kazan where it usoversheistvovatsya on surgery and ophthalmology. To nachalzanimatsya by scientific work in the field of ophthalmology under the leadership of A. N. Beketov. In 1867 protected dokt. thesis. Since 1868 — the privatdozent; in 1871 it is chosen extraordinary, and in 1872 — ordinary professor. He organized eye clinic in Kazan, to-ruyu headed till 1901. Many doctors-oculists studied and improved in it. This clinic accepted a large number of patients from the Volga region, the Urals and from Siberia.

Works E. V. Adamyuka (it published 98 works) are devoted to various sections of ophthalmology. Dependence of intraocular pressure on a condition of blood circulation is proved to them. Povyshenno of intraocular pressure at glaucoma E. V. Adamyuk explained with a delay of blood circulation in an eye, hl. obr. in the ways which are taking away it — vortikozny veins. Its work «Practical Guidance to Studying of Diseases of an Eye» in which along with literary data big own material is generalized served as the handbook for a lineage of the Russian oculists and did not lose the value presently.

E. V. Adamyuk created school of oculists; among his pupils — professors A. G. Agababov, To. X. Eagles, V. V. Chirkovsky, etc.

Compositions: To the doctrine about intraocular blood circulation and pressure, a yew., Kazan, 1867; Materials to an etiology and treatment of glaucoma, Kazan, 1874; Ophthalmologic observations, century 1 — 5, Kazan, 1876 — 1880; Practical guidance to studying of diseases of an eye, t. 1, p.1 — 2, Kazan, 1881 — 1885; Diseases of the svetooshchushchayushchy device of an eye, p.1 — 2, Kazan, 1897.

Bibliography: Agababov A., E. V. Adamyuk, Vestn. oftalm., t. 23, N6, page 1, 1906; Zhuchkova N. I. The first professor of ophthalmology in Kazan — B. V. Adamyuk, in book: Diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, page 3, Kazan, 1967; Memories Emiliana Valentinovicha Adam of a hook, Kazan, 1906, bibliogr.

I. M. Averbakh.