ZYRYANOV Boris Nikolaevich

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ZYRYANOV Boris Nikolaevich (sort. in 1940) — the Soviet surgeon-oncologist, the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1982). Member of the CPSU.

ZYRYANOV Boris Nikolaevich

Ended in 1963. Tomsk medical in-t. The department chair of faculty surgery of it in-that worked at department of the general surgery, since 1977.

Since 1979 the deputy director on scientific work of the Siberian branch of All-Union oncological scientific center of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. Doctor of medical sciences (1977), professor (1978).

B. N. Zyryanov published St. 50 scientific works, including 2 monographs devoted to hl. obr. to questions of reconstructive surgery of vessels, operational treatment onkol, diseases, and also improvement of methods of reconstructive interventions at pathology of the main vessels. It studied origins of the thromboses complicating vascular recovery operations; changes of indicators of a hemodynamics and a homeostasis at onkol. patients under the influence of an operational injury and an artificial hypothermia, against the background of a cut radiation therapy was carried out; the new model redkoporisto-go a synthetic prosthesis is offered and applied at occlusal damages of the main arteries.

Works: Reconstructive surgery of occlusal defeats of femoral popliteal arteries, yew., Tomsk, 1975; Use of gangliolitik at anesthesia of oncological patients, Tomsk, 1982 (sovm, with other).

T. S. Fedorchenko.