ZOTIKOV Evgeny Alekseevich

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ZOTIKOV Evgeny Alekseevich (sort. in 1928) — the Soviet immunohaematologist, the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1982).

ZOTIKOV Evgeny Alekseevich

Ended the 1st MMI in 1953. In 1953 — 1960 worked in in-those experimental biology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. Since 1961 the manager. laboratory to an immunoga of a matolo-giya, since 1977 — the manager. department of the general and clinical immunology Central in-that hematology and hemotransfusion of M3 of the USSR. In 1966 protected dokt, the thesis on the subject «Immunological Reactions at Homotransplantation». Professor (1970).

E. A. Zotikov published St. 200 scientific works on questions of an immunohematology and immunogenetics of blood cells of the person, including 3 monographs and 3 managements, has 6 copyright certificates. Under the leadership of E. A. Zotikov and with his direct participation studying of a tissue incompatibility, histocompatibility antigens, their values in transfusiology and transplantology is carried out, methods of the prevention of posttransfusion complications are developed. In experiments on animals to them the phenomenon of paradoxical increase in life expectancy of allogenic massive rags of skin (a phenomenon of massive rags) was revealed.

Genetic researches of antigens of the HLA system allowed it to formulate the provision, important for practical transfusiology, on expediency of closely related donorship at a transfusion of blood and its components. Antigen of polymorphonuclear leukocytes of the person of NA-2 is discovered by E. A. Zotikov, immunogenetic parameters are calculated and it is established that the gene controlling NA-2 antigen is allelic to a gene of the known NA-1 antigen, and its inheritance happens on codominant type. For a cycle of works on studying of antigens of polymorphonuclear leukocytes it is awarded a gold medal of ENEA (1977). Under the leadership of E. A. Zotikov the USSR's first works on receiving test reactants for identification of antigens of the HLA system were begun, the method of immunization of donors by leukocytes, and also an express method of definition of a Rhesus factor is developed. Its researches promoted studying of allogenic antigenic distinctions of V-lymphocytes of the person, formation of modern ideas of the antigens controlled by a locus of HLA-DR. It began the first in the Soviet Union works on studying of communication of antigens of the HLA system and nek-ry diseases.

E. A. Zotikov is the member of editorial departments «Immunology» and «Hematology» of the BME editions, editorial boards of magazines «Laboratory Business», «Immunology».

Works: Immunological reactions at homotransplantation, a yew., M., 1965; Isoserology of homotransplantation, M., 1969; Isoimmunology, Guide to the general and wedge, transfuziol., under the editorship of B. V. Petrovsky, page 114, M., 1979; Antigenic systems of the person and homeostasis, M., 1982.

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