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ZIGLE FUNNEL (E. Siegle, is mute. the otorhinolaryngologist, 1833 — 1900) — the tester of mobility of a tympanic membrane and acoustical stones; E. Zigle in 1864 is invented.

Diagrammatic representation of a funnel of Zigle: 1 — ear speculums; 2 — the cylinder for imposing of a funnel; 3 — a lens; 4 — a rubber barrel.

3. century (fig.) consists of the hollow cylinder, one end to-rogo is cut off obliquely at an angle 45 ° and closed by a convex lens (3) that prevents emergence of light reflexes. Ear speculums of the different sizes (1) with the thickenings providing hermetic closing of outside acoustical pass are got on other end of the cylinder (2). On a side surface of the device the holder of a rubber tube with a barrel is built in (4). By means of a barrel it is possible to cause fluctuations of a tympanic membrane by a condensation and depression of air in outside acoustical pass that is well visible through a lens. This research allows to define mobility of a tympanic membrane, and in case of existence of hems — their elasticity. Using 3. century, it is easy to distinguish thin hems from perforation of tympanic membranes. 3. apply century also in to lay down. to practice for massage of a tympanic membrane and during the carrying out experience of Zhelle (see. Zhelle experience ).

Bibliography: Siegle E. Der pneumatische Ohrtrichter, ein neues Instrument zur Un-tersuchung des Trommelfells, Dtsch. Klin., Bd 16, S. 363, 1864.

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