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ZANDER Gustav (Zander Jonas Gustav Wilhelm, 1835 — 1920) is the Swedish orthopedist and the physiotherapist, the honourable doctor of medicine, the member of the Swedish academy of Sciences (1896), bases an opolozhnik of medical mechanotherapy. The method offered them was based on the point of view existing at that time that many diseases are eliminated by systematic exercises of muscles.

In 1860 Zander graduated from medical faculty un-that in Uppsala. In 1865 it based medico-mechanical in-t, the equipment to-rogo was designed by it and consisted of 27 various devices, is preferential for passive exercises of extremities and a trunk. In 1910 in in-t had gymnastic devices (devices) of 72 types. The devices developed by G. Zander on his view, intended for initiation of activity of muscles of various areas of a body of the person. At the same time excitement was reached mainly due to operation of devices without active participation of the patient that preserved his forces. According to G. Zander, the medical gymnastics which is carried out by means of these devices is especially useful to children and persons of advanced and senile age, to-rye have no sufficient physical force and cannot do ordinary gymnastics. G. Zander the first designed vibration devices for massage, developed the device for straightening of a backbone.

Mechanotherapy according to Zander was based on local and mechanical concepts and therefore lost the value. In the Soviet system of physiotherapy exercises (see) the mekhanotera-liya is used as a factor of local additional influence it is preferential on certain sites of a musculoskeletal system.


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