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YUNGGREN Einar (Ljunggren Einar Jordan Carlsson, sort. in 1896) — the Swedish surgeon-urologist.

In 1922 gained the diploma of the doctor. From 1923 to 1933 worked as the surgeon in Erst and Maria's hospitals in Stockholm. The doctor of medicine (1930), from 1932 to 1937 the associate professor of surgery in Carolinian medicochirurgical in-those, then held a position of the chief physician surgical state -

pita of la (till 1945) and surgical clinic (1945 — 1962) in the Gothenburg. At the same time in 1952 — 1962 professor of surgery of medical faculty un-that in the Gothenburg.

E. Yunggren published the St. 100 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to questions of radiodiagnosis, medicinal therapy and operational treatment of tuberculosis of bodies of urinogenital system. E. Yunggren is one of initiators of development of organ-preserving and reconstructive methods of operational treatment of tuberculosis of kidneys. It possesses also the researches devoted to tumors of kidneys, prevalence of a gipertireoidiz-m in Sweden and to other questions.

AA. Yunggren took active part in work of a number of the international urological congresses, was a member of editorial board of the Zeitschrift fur Urologie und Nephrologie magazine.

Works: Studien uber Klinik und Prognose der Grawitzschen Nierentumoren, Stockholm, 1930; Chronische Nephritis ais Fehl-diagnose, Urologia (Treviso), Bd 21, S. 9, 1954; Early diagnosis and treatment of ge-nito-urinary tuberculosis, Brit. J. Urol., v. 29, p. 263, 1957; Indications for nephrectomy, nephro-ureterectomy and partial nephrectomy in renal tuberculosis, J. Urol. (Baltimore), v. 78, p. 499, 1957.

Bibliography: Swenska man och kvinnor, huwudred, bd 5, s. 55, Stockholm, 1949.

V. D. Grund.