YUDIN Sergey Sergeyevich

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YUDIN Sergey Sergeyevich (1891 — 1954) is an outstanding Soviet surgeon, the academician of AMH (1944), the winner of the State award USSR

(1942, 1948), the Lenin award (1962), zasl. scientist.

In 1915 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that. In World War I was a regimental doctor; it is contused, awarded by a medal Of St. George. In 1918 — 1919 served in Red Army, after demobilization in 1919 — 1922 worked in surgical department of sanatorium for an aftercare of wounded of Zakharyino. There along with surgical skills gained experience of treatment on-sleranevykh pleural fistulas, to-ry generalized in the report «0 34 cases of a thoracoplasty at old empyemas of a pleura» on XVI Sjez-^ of the Russian surgeons in 1924. From 1922 to 1928 worked as the surgeon of factory hospital in Serpukhov, successfully carrying out a wide range of operative measures. Having deeply studied a question of spinal anesthesia, S. S. Yudin generalized the experiment in unique on informational content and volume of the dissertation monograph. All this nominated him in ranks of especially perspective young surgeons of the Soviet Union. In

1925 and 1928 he was sent to Germany and to the USA, mastered achievements of foreign surgery and noticed its weaknesses. In 1928: his book «Five-year Report on Activity of Surgical Department of Factory Hospital Red Textile Worker» which is summing up the results of work in Serpukhov was published. From same year S. S. Yudin is the head of surgical clinic of Scientific Research Institute of Emergency Medicine of Skli-fosovsky, and since 1931 professor, the department chair of an urgent surgery of TsIU. There was a surgical school headed by it, a cut D. A. Arapov, B. A. Petrov, B. S. Rozanov, A. A. Rusanov, etc. were representatives. Over the years this clinic gained world fame.

S. S. Yudin is surgeon-thinker, not only the brilliant practician, but also the outstanding theorist. Its scientific research is devoted to the most urgent problems of surgical science and practice. It struck foreign gostsy-surgeons with virtuosity of the technology of performance of operations more than once. The Osnovdy direction of its works — urgent abdominal surgery, first of all acute pathology of a stomach, with installation on radicalism of interventions. So, at a perforation of the ulcer of a stomach primary resection became method of the choice. Widely the urgent laparotomy at acute gastric bleeding entered practice. S. S. Yudin made a big contribution to a problem of a hirugiya of a gullet, it developed an original way of plastic recovery of a gullet. This operation became conventional and found followers worldwide. For researches on creation of artificial gullets S. S. Yudin was conferred in 1948 the State award.

S. S. Yudin possesses an outstanding role in development of transfusiology and transplantology. First-ever it applied transfusion of fibrinolizny blood in clinic for what together with V. N. Shamov in 1962 it was conferred the Lenin award. It, in particular, proved a possibility of use in clinic of transplantation of cadaveric fabrics and bodies. S. S. Yudin possesses original offers on preservation of blood. He by right is considered in our country one of founders of modern anesthesiology. Its monograph «Spinal Anesthesia» (Serpukhov, 1925) is classical work on this matter; it was conferred an award F. A. Reyna as «the best composition on surgery in the USSR for 1924 — 1925» also kept the value up to now. One of the first he estimated value of use of nitrous oxide and implemented it in practice of anesthesia.

His works, from containing important practical information to sketches on outstanding figures of surgery, shine with the perfect literary language and not sample style.

In days of the Great Patriotic War S. S. Yudin in a colonelcy of medical service, as the consultant often came out to the front and operated in field conditions. S. S. Yudin considered the main direction in treatment of wounded in days of the Great Patriotic War wide surgical treatment of wounds, topical and general administration of sulfanamide drugs, a deaf plaster bandage. He offered an original technique of surgical treatment of gunshot wounds of a hip that brought considerable effect. For this purpose he designed a special marching orthopedic table which it is wide tsrimenyalsya at the front. S. S. Yudin's works on field surgery were conferred in 1942 State awards.

S. S. Yudin was the honorary member of the cities, surgical about-in a row, and federal republics, the International association of surgeons, surgeons of America, Royal about-va surgeons of Great Britain, the honourable doctor of Sorbonne, etc.

It is awarded by the Order of Lenin, two awards of the Red Banner, an award of the Red Star and medals.

A portrait see on an insert, Art. 432. Works: Medullispinal anesthesia, Serpukhov, 1925; The Plastic surgery at impassability of a gullet, M., 1954; Chosen works, book 1 — 3, M., 1960 — 1962; Etudes of gastric surgery, M., 1965; Reflections of the surgeon, M., 1968.

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D. A. Arapov, M. B. Mirsky, S. A. Rusanov.