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Yu-INKAY, At - And N to and y (Wu Ying-kai, a sort. in 1908) — the Chinese surgeon.

In 1939 ended an internship at the Beijing joint medical college. In 1939 — 1941 worked under the leadership of H. Lou-ckas in the same place. B of 1941 — 1943 trained in department of chest surgery of hospital of Barnes and in tubercular hospital of Koch in St. Louis (USA). Then managed a number of surgical clinics in Beijing. Now director Beijing in-that hearts, lungs and blood.

The main direction of scientific and practical activities Yu - Ying - kaya — cardiovascular surgery, surgical pulmonology. He is one of founders of surgical cancer therapy of a gullet in the People's Republic of China, the author of the monograph and many articles on this matter.

Yu-Inkay it is elected the member International about-va surgeons and a number of foreign science foundations. In 1975 it was elected the vice-president of the International society of surgeons, and in 1985 — the cochairman of the International congress on angiology in Athens.

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B. V. Petrovsky.