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YOUNG Hugh (Young Huyh Hampton, 1870 — 1945) — American hi

the rurg-urologist.

Ended medical Virdzhinsky's f-t un-that in 1894, having received an academic degree of the doctor of medicine. From 1895 to 1914 went in for surgery in John Hopkins's hospital and at the same time (since 1897) directed department of urinogenital diseases of it goye-pitalya. Since 1914

X. Young is professor of urology of medical school of John Hopkins (Baltimore). In 1915 — 1942 the director Urologicheskogo in-that of Brody. During World War I of X. Young was the chief urologist of the American forwarding forces in France.

X. Young is the author of St. 350 scientific works on various questions of urology, including a number of monographs. He developed technology of many new operations: perineal adenomek-

to a tomiya (see Adenoma of a prostate), for a cut offered special tools; radical prostate cancer operation; operations at anomalies of a penis (see. At retroplastic, Epispa-diya), etc. Many of the urological tools designed by it were widely adopted: Young's retractor applied at a perineal adenomectomy, a boomerang needle of Young, an inserter of radium at tumors of a bladder, the tool to operation at diseases of a prostate, etc. (see. Urologichesky tools).

In 1917 X. Young founded the America's first scientific magazine on urology («Journal of urology») which became official body American urological about-va. X. Young was the editor-in-chief of this magazine for many years. X. Young was a member of a row scientific about - century. In 1909 he was elected the president of the American urological association, and also American association of surgeons - uro - logs, in 1914 directed the international congress of urologists.

In 1942 X. To Young the rank of honored professor was given. For big merits in the field of urology to it the Gold medal of the American association of hi-rurgov-urologists was awarded.

Works: The early diagnosis and radical cure of carcinoma of the prostate, Johns Hopk. Hosp. Bull., v. 16, p. 315, 1905; The radical cure of tuberculosis of the seminal tract, Arch. Surg., v. 4, p. 334, 1922; Practice of urology, v. 1 — 2, Philadelphia — L., 1926 (sovm. with Davis D. M); Urological roentgenology, N. Y., 1931 (sovm. with Waters Ch. A.); Genital abnormalities, hermaphroditism and related adrenal diseases, Baltimore, 1937; The radical cure of cancer of the prostate, Surg. Gynec. Obstet., v. 64, p. 472, 1937.,

Bibliography: Hugh Young, surgeon's autobiography, N. Y., 1940; Murphy L. J. T. The history of urology, Springfield, 1972. Ya. V. Gudynsky.