YESIPOV Konstantin Dmitriyevich

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YESIPOV Konstantin Dmitriyevich (1874 — 1935) — the Soviet surgeon and the anatomist, the doctor of medical sciences (1921), professor (1922).

YESIPOV Konstantin Dmitriyevich

Having ended in 1903 medical f-t Moscow un-that, worked in surgical clinic under the leadership of A. A. Bobrov, I. K. Spizharny, I. P. Aleksinsky. In 1911 for the progressive views it was deducted from un-that by the imperial minister of national education Kasso and till 1917 served in institutions of the Red Cross. In 1917 — 1920 the assistant to hospital surgical clinic of 1 MSU, and then the privatdozent, and in 1920 — 1922 the manager. propaedeutic surgical clinic of 1 MSU. In 1922 — 1931 headed department of topographical anatomy and operational surgery of the 2nd MSU; since 1931 the department chair of children's surgery of the 2nd MMI and at the same time the manager. surgical department Ying-that tuberculosis.

K. D. Yesipov published apprx. 50 scientific works devoted to a research limf, systems, to questions of treatment of pulmonary and bone and joint tuberculosis. In 1921 protected dokt, the thesis about influence of mud cure on tuberculosis of joints. He one of the first in our country began to apply surgical methods of treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, in 1926 offered modification of operation thoracoplasties (see), was a pioneer of use torakoskopiya (see) and thoracocauteries (see). Classification of bone and joint tuberculosis (1933) is offered them.

In the works devoted to a research limf, systems of the person he paid attention to value of communication of cervical and chest departments limf, systems for lymphogenous spread of a tuberculosis infection, described limf, a node in the field of a corner of a mandible. K. D. Yesipov was the author of illustrations in the atlas of a tsistoskopiya of the prof. A. N. Gagman (1908) and a large number of drawings in other manuals.

In 1 prod. BME was an editor «taty on operational surgery, and also the consultant of illustrative department.

Works: The atlas of a tsistoskopiya, in book: Gagman A. N. Management of a tsistoskopiya, tab. 1 — 6, M., 1908; About a role and problems of clinics in a question of studying of a resort therapy of bone and joint tuberculosis, Vopr, tuberculosis, t. 1, century 1, page 165, 1923; Mud cure of bone and joint tuberculosis, in the same place, page 167; Topographical anatomy of uric bodies, in book: Operational urology, under the editorship of S. P. Fedorov and R. M. Fronstein, page 5, M. — L., 1934.

Bibliography: Yesipov I. K. Konstantin Dmitriyevich Yesipov (to the 100 anniversary since birth), Surgery, No. 3, page 140, 1975; Sirotkin A. K. Professor Konstantin Dmitriyevich Yesipov, Owls. hir., No. 5, with., 186, 1935.

V. V. Melekhov.