YERSHOV Vladimir Stepanovich

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YERSHOV Vladimir Stepanovich (sort. in 1904) — the Soviet helminthologist, the doctor of veterinary sciences (1940), professor (1941), the academician. All-Union academy of agricultural sciences of V. I. Lenin (1966), honored worker of science of RSFSR (1969), winner of the State award USSR (1977).

YERSHOV Vladimir Stepanovich

In 1925 ended Leningrad veterinary in-t. Till 1929 vt. the doctor in the Omutninsky County of the Vyatka province; in 1929 — 1930 the employee vt. laboratories in Vyatka (nowadays Kirov); in 1930 — 1932 manager. laboratory on studying of helminthoses Central Asian research veterinary in-that. In 1933 — 1945 the department chair of parasitology, the deputy director Vyatka (Kirov) agricultural in-that. In 1945 the head. Head veterinary department of the National commissariat of state farms; in 1946 — 1948 the head. Head department of zooveterinary educational institutions; in 1948 — 1955 the department chair of parasitology, the director Moscow fur and fur in-that; in 1955 — 1957 the adviser for the higher agricultural education in the People's Republic of China. Since 1945 at the same time the manager. laboratory All-Union in-that a helminthology of K. I. Scriabin, and since 1957 the director of it in-that. V. S. Yershov published apprx. 200 scientific works, including a number of the monographs devoted to a problem of immunity at helminthoses. He studied the mechanism of immunity, an immunogenesis, and also allergic reactions at helminthoses at page - x. animals. It published a number of textbooks and manuals on veterinary science, many of which are translated into foreign languages. V. S. Yershov the president Vsesoyuznogo about-va helminthologists of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1972), the honorary member Washington about-va helminthologists (1962), the board member of the World association of veterinary parasitologists (1963); member of the committee of association of parasitologists (1974). «the sign of Honour» (two), the award «Kirill and Mefodiy» I of the Art. (NRB) and medals is awarded by awards of the October Revolution, the Labour Red Banner (two).

Works: The main helminthoses of farm animals, M. — L., 1934; Parasitology and invasive diseases of farm animals, M., 1964 (sovm, with other); Reference book on a veterinary helminthology, M., 1964 (edition); Fundamentals of veterinary science, M., 1966 (edition); The Mechanism of action of reaginic antibodies (IGE) at a helminthic allergy, Veterinary science, No. 11, page 51, 1975.

Bibliography: Life and scientific activity of the academician VASKHNIL V. S. Yershov, Works Vsesoyuz, in-that a helminthology of K. I. Scriabin, t. 20, page 5, M., 1973; Shishkov V. P., Vladimirova P. A. and Filippov V. V. To the 70 anniversary of the academician VASKHNIL Vladimir Stepanovich Yershov, Vestn, selskokhoz. sciences, No. 7, page 109, 1974.

V. P. Shishkov.