YEMELYANOV Stanislav Vasilyevich

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YEMELYANOV Stanislav Vasilyevich (sort. in 1929) — the Soviet scientist in the field of the theory of management, the Doctor of Engineering (1964), the member correspondent of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1970), the winner of the Lenin award (1972). Member of the CPSU.

YEMELYANOV Stanislav Vasilyevich

Having ended in 1952. Moscow aviation in-t, till 1976 worked in Ying-those problems of management of Academy of Sciences of the USSR and Ministry of Instrumentation, Automation and Control Systems of the USSR. Since 1977 the director International in-that problems of the management created by member countries of SEV. Is a creator of the new section of the theory of management — so-called systems with variable structure (Union of Right Forces). Results of scientific research in the field of Union of Right Forces are used for creation of the highly effective means of automatic equipment applied in metallurgy, aircraft, the chemical and food industry and also during the development of medical devices and control systems of artificial organs. Researches also metodol, bases of management of the developing systems.

S. V. Yemelyanov is the member of the committee on Lenin awards, the member of the Highest certifying commission, the editor-in-chief redotdet «the Bionicist. Medical cybernetics» in 3 prod. BME. It is awarded the order the October Revolution.

Works: The theory of systems with variable structure, M., 1970 (sovm, with other).