YELETS Alexander Grigoryevich

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YELETS Alexander Grigoryevich (1884 — 1964) — the Soviet orthopedist-traumatologist, the doctor of medical sciences (1924), professor (1925), one of organizers of traumatologic and orthopedic service in Ukraine.

YELETS Alexander Grigoryevich

Having ended in 1911 medical f-t Kharkiv un-that, it was called up for military service and at the same time (till 1914) worked at department of operational surgery Saratov un-that under the leadership of S. I. Spasokukotsky and V. I. Razumovsky. In 1914 — 1918 the surgeon of dressing group of a division in field army.

Since 1918 worked at department of operational surgery Saratov un-that, and in 1925 — 1932 managed this department. Since 1932 the manager. travmatol. department Kiev in-that orthopedics and at the same time (till 1963) department chair of orthopedics and traumatology Kiev medical in-that. In 1941 — 1944 served in Red Army, working as the surgeon in hospitals.

A. G. Eletsky published apprx. 60 scientific works, including a number of the monographs devoted to hl. obr. to questions of recovery of functions of a musculoskeletal system after various diseases. It gave anatomic justification of ways of treatment of spastic paralyzes for the purpose of transfer them in sluggish (a spinal cord operations on Ferstera, interventions on the craniocereberal centers for Horsley); one of the first in the USSR successfully executed a large number of operations of an arthroplasty on knee and coxofemoral joints and in 1926 generalized a wedge, results of these operations in the monograph. It described features of an innervation of vessels of an epiphysis of bones and the capsule of a knee joint (1931). In the works devoted to questions of an osteanagenesis and development of ways of its stimulation showed efficiency of wide resections of the sclerosed ends of a bone tissue at treatment of pseudoarthroses, improved a technique of operations at chronic dislocations and ankiloza of coxofemoral and humeral joints.

Under the leadership of A. G. Eletsky 24 dissertations, including 5 doctor's are defended.

It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: Resection of back roots of a spinal cord as way of treatment of spastic paralyzes (operation Forster'a), Uchen, zap. Saratovsk. un-that, t. 2, century 1, page 307, 1924; To a question of an innervation of the capsule and the joint ends of bones of a knee joint, Vestn, hir. and frontier. Region, t. 22, book 65-66, page 74, 1931; Zakhvorshnya i on-shkodzhennya the ridge, Kshv, 1936; Osteanagenesis, Works of the 2nd Ukrainsk. a congress of the orthoitem - travmat, and workers of prosthetic business, page 27, Kiev, 1940; Intra joint injuries of big joints, Works of the 8th congress hir. Ukrainsk. SSR, page 213, Kiev, 1955.

Bibliography: Novikov N. V. Alexander Grigoryevich Eletsky, Ortop, and travmat., No. 5, page 94, 1965; Ozerov A. X. To history of department of traumatology and orthopedics of the Kiev medical institute, in the same place, No. 4, page 83, 1969.

E. M. Morozova.