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YaTRYoYI (Greek iatreia treatment, iat-reion a reception of the doctor) — the small rooms at home at doctors of Ancient Greece serving for outpatient appointment of patients and, in certain cases, for their short stationary stay, especially after surgical intervention. At excavation, hl. obr. in the north of Greece (in Thessaly, etc.), the remains yatry with surgical tools, calculated, judging by the sizes, on treatment no more than 3 — 4 patients are found. Specially equipped rooms out of the dwelling of the doctor intended for hospitalization of patients (a prototype of hospital) carried the name «nozokomeyon» (Greek nosokomeo to look after the patient).

The rooms similar yatreyam, are found at excavation Pompeii (Italy) where they carried the name «casa medici» or «casa chirurgi» (see Medicine, medicine of a classical antiquity).

Bibliography: History of medicine, under the editorship of B. D. Petrov, t. 1, page 61, M., 1954.

P.E. Zabludowsky.