YAROSHEVSKY Arnold Yakovlevich

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YAROSHYOVSKY Arnold Yakovlevich (1920 — 1970) is the Soviet hematologist and the therapist. Member of the CPSU.

In 1941 Leningrad medical in-t ended the 1st. Participant of the Great Patriotic War of 1941 — 1945. Since 1946 in a postgraduate study of the 1st Leningrad medical in-that. Since 1949 worked in the 1st Leningrad medical in-those as the assistant (1949), the associate professor (1953), professor (1957), and since 1963 and until the end of life managed department of propaedeutics of internal diseases. Along with 1960 headed the therapeutic sector Ying-that physiology of I. P. Pavlov of Academy of Sciences of the USSR and created at it is mute laboratory of experimental and clinical hematology. In 1955 protected dokt. the thesis on a subject about an etiology and a pathogeny of an idiopathic hypertensia.

A. Ya. Yaroshevsky published St. 160 scientific works, including 7 monographs on various questions of therapy, hematology, nephrology. A number of its works is devoted to a research of mechanisms of a fibrillation, implementation of anticoagulants in practice, to studying of iron deficiency states with use of radioactive iron, kinetics of erythroblasts using an autoradiography, to a research of erythropoetins and endogenous inhibitors of an erythrogenesis and their role at anemias of various genesis. It revealed a certain dependence between a functional condition of an erythrogenesis and disturbance of functions of kidneys. A. Ya. Yaroshevsky investigated also questions of clinic of a glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, a nephrotic syndrome; with its participation methods of an infusional piyelografiya, an isotope renografiya, a puncture biopsy of a kidney are approved and implemented in a wedge, practice, the fundamental principles of treatment of diseases of kidneys, corrections of disturbances of a water salt metabolism and acid-base equilibrium are evidence-based, the compounding of bread with strictly certain protein content is developed. At the initiative of A. Ya. Yaroshevsky are organized the USSR's first nephrology unit (1962) on the basis of hospital of M. S. Uritsky and the first nephrological clinic


A. Ya. Yaroshevsky was one of organizers (1965) and the first head of nephrological section Leningrad about-va therapists of

S. P. Botkin, the board member of it about-va, the deputy chairman Vsesoyuzny about-va nephrologists. It was a part of editorial boards of magazines «Problems of Hematology and Hemotransfusion», «Urology and Nephrology».


It is awarded the order the Red Star and medals.

Works: Questions of nervous control of system of blood, M., 1953 (sovm. about Chernihiv

sky V. of N); Unconditional and uslovnoreflektorny changes of a tone of vessels and redistribution leukocytic reactions at an idiopathic hypertensia and experimental changes of nervous activity, a yew., D., 1955; Diseases of system of blood, M., 1959 (sovm. with the Tushino M. D.); Endogenous stimulators of blood formation (erythropoetins), M. — L., 1963; Regulation of an erythrogenesis, JI., 1967 (sovm. with other); Physiology of system of blood, JI., 1968 (sovm. with other); Clinical nephrology, JI., 1971; Kidneys and coagulability of blood, L., 1972 (sovm. from Zhavoronkova E. K.).

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