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YaRIShA — GYoRKSGEYMERA — LOU-CACHEIOVITCHA REACTION (A. Jarisch, the Austrian dermatologist, 1850 — 1902; To. Herxheimer, is mute. the dermatologist, 1861 — 1944) — the reaction of an organism consisting in an aggravation of pathological process in response to administration of medicines.

I. — G — L. the river reflects zashchitnoprisposobitelny functions of an organism. Most often it is shown at patients with syphilis (usually early forms) at treatment by their antibiotics, more rare bismuthic drugs. Thus after the first injections patients have an indisposition, fervescence (to 39 °), headaches. A syphilitic enanthesis (roseolas, papules) becomes brighter and edematous, fresh elements of rash appear, regional limf, nodes sometimes increase. At patients with visceral syphilis (see Syphilis) can become aggravated patol. process, napr, at defeat of cardiovascular system can arise pain in heart, at localization of gummas in a throat — hypostasis of a throat and difficulty of breath.

Degree of manifestation of manifestations depends on reactivity of an organism (see), stages of a disease, on a type of the applied medicine. So, I. — — JI. the river is most expressed at treatment of patients with secondary and primary seropositive syphilis. At patients with expressed I. — — JI. river regress of syphilides and emergence negative serol. reactions usually occur quicker. Manifestations of this reaction, as a rule, within 1 — 2 days spontaneously disappear. At poorly expressed I. — — JI. the ruble is marked out hyporesponsiveness of an organism therefore at treatment of patients it is necessary to apply both specific, and nonspecific excitants, napr, pyrogen of l, Prodigiosanum, methyluracil.

I. — — JI. the river is not a contraindication for further treatment of patients with syphilis. However at its considerable expressiveness cancel several injections of pharmaceuticals and appoint symptomatic therapy. If right after administration of drug or next day there is a fever which is followed by a sharp headache and vomiting it indicates bad portability of drug. In this case it is necessary to reduce a dosage, to extend intervals between injections or even to refuse use of such drug and to appoint another.

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YAROTSKY Alexander Ivanovich (1866 — 1944) is the Soviet therapist.

In 1889 ended VMA, worked as the territorial doctor; since 1894 the doctor of the Obukhovsk municipal hospital, then the Peter and Paul hospital in St. Petersburg. From 1899 to 1901 the assistant to clinic Women's medical in-that. In 1898 protected dokt. the thesis on a subject:

«About changes of size and structure of the cells of a pancreas at some types of starvation». For participation in demonstrations (March, 1901) in St. Petersburg A. I. Yarotsky was sent from the capital. In 1901 — 1902 worked for I. I. Mechnikov in Paris; in 1903 returned to Russia. In 1904 — 1918 A. I. Yarotsky professor of hospital, and then faculty therapeutic clinic of Yuryevsky (nowadays Tartu) un-that; in 1919 — 1924 — professor of therapy Crimean un-that, and since 1924 professor of therapy of 1 MSU, later professor of therapy Moscow regional clinical in-that.

Belongs to A. I. Yarotsky apprx. 100 scientific works devoted to various questions of clinic of internal diseases. In 1902 he published the article «Work of Digestion on Researches of School of I. P. Pavlov», in a cut pointed to extremely important value fiziol. researches for clinic. Using achievements of school of I. P. Pavlov in the field of physiology of food, A. I. Yarotsky (1910) offered the special diet at a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum based on use in food of the foodstuff having the minimum sokogonny effect. In 1931 A. I. Yarotsky offered a method of treatment of diphtheria anti-toxic serum. He developed also questions of psychotherapy. A. I. Yarotsky suggested to define an average of the ABP by an oscillographic method and designed for this purpose (together with A. M. Levin) the special device.

Along with scientific activity A. I. Yarotsky was engaged also in literary. He cooperated in magazines «New Word», «Beginning», «Northern Courier».

Works: About changes of size and structure of the cells of a pancreas at some types of starvation, a yew., SPb., 1898; Treatment of round stomach ulcer, Pg., 1918; Dietary treatment of round stomach ulcer and duodenum, L., 1928; New method of treatment of diphtheria specific serum, Doctor, gas., No. 21, Art. 1560, 1931,

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