YANUSHKEVICHUS Zigmas Ippolitovich

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YANUSHKEVICHUS Zigmas Ippolitovich (1911 — 1984) is the Soviet therapist-cardiologist, the academician of AMH (1967), the academician. Academies of Sciences of the Lithuanian SSR (1966), zasl. scientist of the Lithuanian SSR (1954), winner of the State award USSR (1969), winner of the State award of the Lithuanian SSR

(1968). The member

of the CPSU since 1951.

In 1935 ended medical f-t Kaunas un-that (since 1950. Kaunas medical in-t), worked as the rural doctor, then the intern of university therapeutic clinic. In days of the Great Patriotic War was an intern of a hospital platoon of MSB.

Since 1944 the assistant to department of internal diseases medical f-that Kaunas un-that. In 1947 — 1950 the dean of medical faculty un-that, and in 1951 — 1953 the dean medical f-that the Kaunas medical institute. From 1953 to the last days lives the rector in-that. At the same time in 1951 — 1953 the deputy director Ying-that experimental medicine of Academy of Sciences of the Lithuanian SSR, in 1953— 1972 of the department chair of hospital therapy Kaunas medical in-that. In 1954 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «The Characteristic of Features of Higher Nervous Activity at Patients with Coronary Insufficiency»; professor (1955).

3. I. Yanushkevichus is the author of St. 480 scientific works, including 7 monographs devoted to hl. obr. to questions of diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. He was one of heads of development of the system of fight against the coronary heart disease including primary prevention (see Prevention primary), diagnosis, treatment, psychological and physical rehabilitation. For the organization of treatment of patients with a myocardial infarction and new methods of therapy 3. I. Yanushkevichus is conferred the State award USSR, and also the State award of the Lithuanian SSR. 3. I. Yanushkevichus — one of initiators of use of methods of cybernetics and mathematics in clinical cardiology. Under its management the multichannel electronic monitor

system for overseeing a state is implemented in practice I eat cardiological patients.

3. And. Yanushkevichus was chairman Nauchnogo about-va cardiologists of the Lithuanian SSR, the board member Vsesoyuznogo scientific about-va cardiologists, the deputy editor-in-chief of the section «Internal Diseases» and the editor «Cardiology» of BME, and also the honorary member of a row foreign cardiological about - redotdet century

3. I. Yanushkevichus was a member of the Central Committee of KP of Lithuania, the delegate of the XXVI congress of the CPSU, the deputy of the Supreme Council of the Lithuanian SSR.

«the sign of Honour» and medals is awarded by the Order of Lenin, awards of the October Revolution, the Labour Red Banner, Friendship of the people, the Red Star.

Works: The characteristic of features vys

necks of nervous activity at patients from coronary - insufficiency, a yew., M., 1954; Mathematical methods and computer facilities in the theory and practice of electrocardiology, in book: The theory and practice of automation in kardiol., under the editorship of

3. I. Yanushkevichusa, page 3, Kaunas, 1980; The organization of fight against cardiovascular diseases in the Lithuanian SSR, Cardiology, t. 20, No. 7, page 10, 1980; In addition strengthened electrocardiogram, L., 1982 (sovm. with other); Disturbances of a rhythm and conductivity of heart, M., 1984 (sovm. with other).

Bibliography: Zigmas Ippolitovich Yanushkevichus (To the 70 anniversary since birth), Cardiology, t., 21, No. 9, page 121, 1981.

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