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YANSKY Jan (Jansky Jan, 1873 — 1921) is the Czech doctor, honorary professor of the Prague (Karlov) university (1921).

Ended medical f-t Prague un-that in 1898. Specialized on neurology. Worked in psychoneurological university clinic. In 1909 the associate professor, and since 1914 and until the end of life professor of neurology and psychiatry Prague un-that. As the regimental doctor was involved in World War I.

Ya. Yansky worked in various fields of psychiatry, surgery, gynecology, a serology, however world fame was brought to it by a research of blood groups of the person (see Blood groups). Studying influence of blood serum of experimental animals and feature of its interaction, mentally sick on blood, with erythrocytes of healthy people, he described all optional versions of agglutination, confirmed existence of three blood groups of the person described by K. Landshteyner (1900) and opened the fourth group; in the second group subgroups Ah and A2 were allocated to them. Ya. Yansky accurately formulated features of each group, created the first full classification of blood groups of the person, having designated them in the Roman figures from I to IV. This classification is accepted everywhere though along with the digital nomenclature it is used alphabetic, approved in 1928 by the hygienic commission of the League of Nations. Ya. Yansky specified that at least two test serums II and III of group are necessary for specific establishment of a blood group.

Ya. Yansky was elected the member of many scientific about - century

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