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YaNSKE-LAZNE (Janske Lazne) — the balneological resort in ChSSR, is located in 60 km of. Gradets-Kra-love on the southern slope of east part of the massif Krkonosh in the valley of river Unitary enterprises at the height of 670 m above sea-level, in the extensive park, to-ry merges with the dense softwood forests covering hillsides. Yanske-Lazne — the center of tourism, popular in ChSSR, and mountain skiing. On the Black mountain (1300 m above sea-level) from where many tourist routes originate, the suspended ropeway is carried out.

Ya.-L. — one of the oldest Czech resorts, its mineral sources are known from 11 century, the first resort clinic was constructed in 1675.

Habit view of the resort of Yanske-Lazne.

Climate foothill: summer moderately warm (average temperature of July 16 °), winter soft (average temperature of January — 6 °). The amount of precipitation makes apprx. 600 mm a year. The resort is famous for exclusive purity of air, high intensity of solar radiation.

The basic to lay down. a factor is low-mineralized (a mineralization of 0,3 — 0,7 g! k) slabotermalny (temperature 27,5 °) nitric siliceous gidrokarbonatno-kal-tsiyevaya water of local sources with the small content of radon (apprx.

2 nkyuri/l). Water is applied to bathings and a hydrokinesitherapy in to lay down. the swimming pool, for bathtubs, flourishes, inhalations. In complex treatment widely use LFK and physical therapy (electrotreatment, etc.). In the resort sanatoria for adults and children, the bathing building with the pool, ingalyatoriya, boarding houses and hotels function.

Indications to treatment in the resort: the motive frustration

which are effects of diseases and injuries of the central and peripheral nervous system (poliomyelitis, neuroinfections, etc.) at adults and children, and also a disease of a musculoskeletal system and upper respiratory tracts.

V. V. Poltoranin.