YANOVSKY Mikhail Vladimirovich

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YANOVSKY Mikhail Vladimirovich (1854 — 1927) is a domestic therapist, the founder of school of sciences; S. P. Botkin's pupil.

Ended natural f-t St. Petersburg un-that (1877) and Medikokhirurgichesky academy (1880).

Since 1881 worked as the doctor, the assistant and the privatdozent in

S. P. Botkin's clinic. In 1884 protected dokt. the thesis on a subject about influence oil to - you on kidneys and a nervous system. In 1896 — 1925 managed department of diagnosis and general therapy of VMA. Since 1925 lived; in Kislovodsk, worked as the consultant in sanatoria, at the same time was the chairman city scientific medical about-va.

Works of M. V. Yanovsky and his employees are devoted to hl. obr. to problems of blood circulation, digestion, studying of physical and chemical properties of red blood cells and influences of physical factors on an organism. M. V. Yanovsky's merit is introduction to a wedge, practice of anemic methods of studying of a hemodynamics (see Blood circulation, Blood pressure), including a sound way of the determination of size ABP opened -

N. S. Korotkov (see t. 25, additional materials). M. V. Yanovsky's doctrine about «peripheral heart» drew attention of clinical physicians to studying of a role of vessels in blood circulation. The research program offered them in the field of hematology including systematic development of methods of studying of osmotic, chemical and mik-rostrukturny aspects of hemolysis much more outstripped the time. Kliniko-pilot studies of employees of M. V. Yanovsky concerning physiology and pathology of digestion were highly appreciated by I. P. Pavlov. One of the first in our country M. V. Yanovsky entered a course of teaching physical therapy.


He created school of sciences, a cut G. F. Lang, N. A. Kurshakov, P. I. Egorov,

A. I. Ignatovsky, D. O. Krylov, G. Ya. Gurevich, L. P. Pressman, etc. Works were representatives: About influence of butyric acid on

kidneys and about the action oppressing her on a nervous system, a yew., SPb., 1884; Course of the general therapy, 1st prod., SPb., 1900, 4 prod. — A course of the general therapy of internal diseases, M. — Pg., 1923; Course of diagnosis of internal diseases, 1st prod., SPb.,

1908, 5 prod., M. — L., 1928.

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