YANOVSKY Feofil Gavrilovich

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YANOVSKY Feofil Gavrilovich (1860 — 1928) is the Soviet therapist, the academician of Academy of Sciences of USSR (1927).

Ended in 1884 medical f-t Kiev un-that. In 1886 listened to lectures and mastered methods of bacteriological diagnosis in R. Koch and L. Pasteur's laboratories.

After return to Kiev founded bacteriological laboratory in Aleksandrovsky hospital. In 1889 protected dokt. the thesis on «To Biology of Typhus Bacilli». In 1890 it was sent to Berlin for studying to lay down. effects of tuberculine. During the period from 1896 to 1904 worked in St. Petersburg (in Ying-those experimental medicine), in Kiev (the intern in K. G. Tritchel's clinic, the assistant to the prosector in physiological laboratory

S. I. Chiryev, the head of the laboratory and the prosector of Aleksandrovsky hospital). In 1904 it is elected professor of department of hospital therapy Novorossiysk un-that (nowadays Odessa in un-t of I. I. Mechnikov); from 1905 to 1914 professor of department of medical diagnosis, and since

1914 professor of department of hospital therapy medical f-that Kiev un-that.

Belongs to F. G. Yanovsky apprx. 60 scientific works devoted to clinic of tuberculosis, diseases of kidneys, physiology and pathology of digestion, clinical bacteriology, immunology of tuberculosis. It described nek-ry new symptoms of diseases of lungs and a pleura. F. G. Yanovsky is the author of the USSR's first guide to tuberculosis (1923). He was one of founders of the Kiev therapeutic school, from a cut there were V. of X. Vasilenko, B. E. Votchal, V. N. Ivanov, etc.

F. G. Yanovsky actively was engaged in public work. In pre-revolutionary years he participated in the organization of sanatorium for TB patients and Kiev about-va for fight against a tuberculosis and a tuberculosis, published the popular brochure «About a tuberculosis», was elected the companion of the chairman of the I—IV and the chairman of the V congresses of the Russian therapists. After the Great October revolution took part in fight against epidemics, in-that was one and and organizers Kiev tubercular (nowadays Kiev scientific research institute of tuberculosis, pulmonology and chest surgery of F. G. Yanovsky), in Krom worked as the consultant and the chairman of the academic council.

F. G. Yanovsky was elected the deputy of the Kiev city council. At the I congress of therapists of USSR (Kharkiv, 1926) he was elected the lifelong chairman of all future congresses of therapists of the republic. T. G. Yanovsky was an editor of 1 prod. BME, associate editor of the Medical Business magazine.

In Kiev on the house where zhilg F. G. Yanovsky, the memorial board is established.

Works: To biology of typhus bacilli, Kiev, 1889; About a tuberculosis, Kiev, 1891; About value of bacteriology in diagnosis and therapy of internal diseases, Kiev, 1892; The Pulmonary tuberculosis, M. — Pg., 1923, M. — L., 1931; Diagnosis of diseases of kidneys of century of communication with their pathology, Kiev, 1927.

Bibliography: Barenboim A. M. Academician F. G. Yanovsky as phthisiatrician, Kiev, 1956; Lipkan A. E., F. G. Yanovs-ky, Kshv, 1974; The Collection of memory of the academician F. G. Yanovsky, under the editorship of D. Zabolotny, etc., Kiev, 1930; Shklyar B. S. Memories of the academician F. G. Yanovsk (To the 100 anniversary since birth), Klin, medical, t. 39, JSfo 1, page 3, 1961. A.S. Mamolat.