YANOVSKY David Naumovich

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YANOVSKY David Naumovich (1901 — 1969) is the Soviet hematologist.

Ended medical f-t Kiev un-that (1927). Worked as the therapist in clinics of Kiev, in the office of the Ministry of Health of USSR. Participant of the Great Patriotic War of 1941 — 1945; hl. therapist of the front. Since 1947 and until the end of life directed department of clinical hematology of the Ukrainian scientific research institute of cardiology of N. D. Strazhesko (Kiev). Professor (1948).

D. N. Yanovsky published St. 160 scientific works, including 7 monographs on urgent problems of hematology (see) — to an etiology, a pathogeny, diagnosis, clinic and therapy of leukoses, a lymphogranulomatosis, an agranulocytosis, anemias, hemorrhagic diathesis, etc., three unique hematologic atlases (together with N. D. Strazhesko and M. A. Chepeleva). It developed original kliniko-anatomic classification of anemias, is shown that anemia of any etiology, as well as other diseases of blood and the hemopoietic bodies, represents a peculiar kliniko-hematologic syndrome. At the same time D. N. Yanovsky allowed a possibility of transition of one such syndrome in another. It and his employees proved a number of original hypotheses of developing of diseases of the hemopoietic bodies. He is one of creators allergic giperergicheskoy theories of developing of leukoses. D. N. Yanovsky made a big contribution to scientific development and deployment to practice of a number of new methods of a research of the hemopoietic bodies (e.g., a puncture biopsy limf, nodes, etc.).

D. N. Yanovsky was a part of an editorial board of magazines «Medical Business», «Clinical Medicine», «Problems of Hematology and Hemotransfusion».

It is awarded by awards of the Red Banner, the Red Star and medals.

Works: Atlas of clinical hematology,

Kiev, 1940 (sovm. with Strazhesko N. D.), Kiev, 1967 (sovm. from Chepeleva M. A.); Acute leukemia and its relation to sepsis, limfoidokletochny quinsies, agranulocytosis, aleukia and pernicious anemia, Kiev, 1940; Guide to clinical hematology, Kiev, 1951, 1962; Punctates of lymph nodes, Atlas, Kiev, 1953 (sovm. with other); Picture of blood and its clinical value, Kiev, 1957; Methodical instructions on treatment of anemias, Kiev, 1957; Atlas of cytology of exudates and transsudat, Kiev, 1968; Atlas of cytology of punctates of lymph nodes, Kiev, 1969 (sovm. from Chepeleva M. A.).

Bibliography: D. N. Yanovsky's memories, Probl. gematol. and modulation, blood, t. 14, No. 6, page 62, 1969. V. I. Didenko.