YANOVSKY Anton Kirillovich

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YANOVSKY Anton Kirillovich (1865 — 1942) is the Soviet radiologist, one of founders of a domestic radiology *

Ended natural f-t St. Petersburg un-that in 1889 and medical f-t Moscow un-that in 1893. In 3 months after opening by V. Rentgen so-called. H-radiations, after called x-ray, together with N. V. Sklifosovsky on the basis of St. Petersburg clinical in-that improvements of doctors began to study a possibility of practical application of x-ray emission in medicine. Since 1907 in same in-those were conducted by a course of a practical training on a research by means of X-ray of surgical patients. In 1911 — 1919, being the associate professor of surgery, continued to conduct a course of a radiology. From 1919 to 1930 was the USSR's first professor-rentgeno a log, headed the USSR's first independent department of a radiology in the Leningrad GIDUV.

A. K. Yanovsky is the author of 12 scientific works, and also a number of reports and messages on a radiology. He was a hot propagandist of new specialty, fought for its scientific and practical recognition as independent science, for development of domestic X-ray technical base, developed scientific and practical bases of radiodiagnosis and a roentgenotherapy (see the Radiology).

Works: About the present provision of the x-ray equipment in Russia, New in medical, No. 17-18, page 841, 1916; Roentgenotherapy of chronic damages of bones and joints (mainly tuberculosis), Vestn. hir. and on gran, the Region, t. 4, book 10-11, page 261, 1924; Results of a roentgenotherapy of a bazedovy disease in 20 years (1909 — 1929), Physical therapy, t. 3, No. 4, page 385, 1929 (sovm. from Der-gacheva L. V.); Roentgenotherapy of inflammatory surgical diseases. Vestn hir., t. 18, book 53, page 92, 1929 (sovm. with Zhuchenko V.).

Bibliography: D en O. O., A. K. Yanovsky, to 35-year anniversary, the Doctor. gas., To 3-4, page 261, 1929; Reynberg S.A. and Lindenbraten D. S. Istoriya of the oldest department of a radiology of the country, in book: Materials on an ist. rentgenol. in

the USSR, under the editorship of S. A. Reynberg, page 7, M., 1948;. S. A. Reynberg.