YAKUBOVICH Nikolay Martynovich

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YAKUBOVICH Nikolay Martynovich (1817 — 1879) is a domestic histologist and the physiologist.

Ended medical f-t Kharkiv un-that (1838) then within ten years there was the prosector of department of anatomy of Derptsky (nowadays Tartu) un-that. Pupil F. G. of B of ides-dera. In 1848 protected dokt. the thesis on «About Saliva». In 1848, 1850, and also in 1856 and 1859 R. Kellikera, etc. was improved abroad in K. Bernard's laboratories. Since 1853 the associate professor, and since 1857 extraordinary professor of department of a comparative anatomy and physiology of the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy. From 1860 to 1868 ordinary professor of department of physiology and history of development, and then the independent department of histology allocated from it with embryology.

I. M. Sechenov considered H. M. Yakubovich one of creators of domestic histology (see). H. M. Yakubovich made the significant contribution to development of microscopical anatomy of c. N of page, having investigated gistol. structure of various departments of a head and spinal cord of the person and animals; accumulations of nervous elements (kernel) in a spinal cord were opened for them; one of kernels of a mesencephalon is called by his name (see). He carried out studying of gistotopogra-fichesky distribution of nervous elements of a head and spinal cord. For merits in the field of researches on comparative histology of a nervous system of vertebrata of H. M. Yakubovich was conferred an award of the Parisian academy of Sciences.

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